Telefónica recognised as a Leader in ABI Research’s Telco Operator Sustainability Index

• Telefónica is praised for its performance in areas such as energy efficiency, recycled waste, network modernisation and green bonds.
• With a view to going beyond the Paris Agreement, the company aims to be net zero in Scope 1 & 2 emissions across its main markets by 2025, and throughout the footprint and value chain by 2040.

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Telefónica has been recognised as a Leader in the Telco Operator Sustainability Index by the global technology intelligence firm ABI Research. The company features prominently in several areas such as: energy efficiency, recycled waste, network modernisation and green bonds.

According to ABI, the group of leaders is made up of companies that have invested in renewable energy, network equipment and technology upgrades to improve energy efficiency and that include sustainability as a priority in their business strategies through transparent reporting on goals and results.

According to Maya Ormazabal, Director of Environment and Human Rights at Telefónica, “Commitment to the planet is part of Telefónica’s strategy: it enables us be more efficient, have a low-carbon network and offer our customers Eco Smart solutions to help decarbonise the economy. Since we started working on environmental issues twenty years ago, the key has been to address challenges by leveraging connectivity and digitalisation”.

Telefónica has pledged to achieve net zero emissions in its main markets by 2025, extending this commitment to its global footprint and value chain by 2040. In the last six years, the Telefónica Group has reduced its carbon emissions by 70% and energy consumption by 7.2% by using renewable energies and integrating more efficient technologies. This has been achieved despite traffic growing almost seven-fold during the same period.

ABI Research also highlights Telefónica’s commitment to the circular economy and its goal of achieving Zero Waste by 2030 through eco-design, repair, reuse and recycling, ensuring that its waste is not incinerated or ends up in landfill but rather transformed into raw materials that are then introduced back into the value chain. The company has also implemented the Eco Rating labelling system, which identifies the most sustainable mobile phones in all its markets.

The Index provides a ranking of the top ten telco operators in terms of sustainability in three categories (leader, mainstream, and follower). It also assesses, compares, and ranks operators in six categories: renewable energy; network upgrades; energy efficiency; waste disposal and circular economy; green buildings and vehicles; and reporting and governance. Telefónica is ranked in the Leader category.

As Kim Johnson, head analyst at ABI Research, points out, “These telecoms operators are at the intersection of communications and information technology, which puts them in a unique position to offer technology and connectivity solutions that reduce not only their own carbon emissions, but also those of their customers”.

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