Telefónica named “Leader” by GlobalData for its IoT Services capabilities on a global scale

Telefónica has been recognised as a "Leader" in GlobalData's IoT (Internet of Things) Industrial Services report on a global scale, a document in which the analyst house assesses the capabilities of the main players in the IoT market each year.

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  • In its latest report “Global Industrial IoT Services: Competitive Landscape Assessment”, Telefónica improves its position from “Very Strong” to “Leader” in the analyst house’s benchmark.
  • Telefónica stands out and advances its position due to its value proposition, which combines IoT services with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, and its ecosystem of partners.

Madrid, 22 July 2021. Telefónica has been recognised as a “Leader” in GlobalData’s IoT (Internet of Things) Industrial Services report on a global scale, a document in which the analyst house assesses the capabilities of the main players in the IoT market each year.

Telefónica improves its position, standing out for its attractive portfolio by integrating IoT services with AI (Artificial Intelligence), analytics and security, for its solid traction in the sector, with more than 10,000 corporate customers and more than 35 million IoT connections worldwide, and for its strong experience in deploying solutions for large and small customers.

Of the seven areas evaluated, Telefónica has maintained its position in five of them and improved in two others, which are also considered by GlobalData as key in its considerations for potential IoT service customers. Specifically, it has improved in the areas of:

-Value Services, from “Very Strong” to “Leader”: Telefónica’s capabilities in professional services, consulting, security and Data Analytics are positively evaluated.

-Partnerships, from “Strong” to “Very Strong”: The universe of commercial partners (i.e. Partnership Programme as a resale channel) and application partners (such as Geotab, Edge solutions with Microsoft Azure, with Amazon Web Services (AWS), among others) is highlighted.

Among Telefónica’s strengths, GlobalData recognises very positively the vision of AI of Things, where the union of the ecosystems and capabilities we had for IoT and Big Data and AI is considered differentiating, as the operator can offer a real end to end with more value. In addition, the value proposition defined for Industry 4.0, for which we were positively valued in the previous edition, has been reconsidered as it has extended its offering with specialist partners in this space being able to offer not only connectivity, but more complex and valuable use cases.

“We are very proud that GlobalData has evaluated us so positively and improved our position in its global benchmarking of industrial IoT services,” said Gonzalo Martín-Villa, CEO of IoT & Big Data at Telefónica Tech. “It recognises our market vision, leadership within our broad footprint and the ability to adapt to what our customers expect from a company like Telefónica, regardless of their size, sector or previous technological capabilities thanks to a deep portfolio of IoT and Big Data solutions”.

Telefónica has more than 35 million IoT accesses worldwide and important assets such as Kite, the platform developed by the company to manage IoT devices. Kite has its own global network infrastructure and is hosted in the cloud so that it is accessible from anywhere via the internet or an API. IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Blockchain and Cybersecurity services form part of Telefónica Tech, the unit with which Telefónica focuses on the growth of these digital businesses.

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