Telefónica, most admired European telecoms operator according to Fortune

Telefónica, most admired European telecoms operator according to Fortune

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• Telefónica also climbs a place in the world’s ranking of the telecommunications sector from 3rd to 2nd.

• It is the only Spanish company listed this year in the prestigious ranking of the North American magazine.

• With an average score of 6.45 points, Telefónica surpasses all its direct competitors in the European market and is only behind AT&T in the world’s ranking.

• “The World’s Most Admired Companies” ranking highlights innovation as one of Telefónica’s most admired attributes by the managers surveyed.

Madrid, January 19th 2018.– Telefónica is the European telecommunications operator most valued by executives according to Fortune magazine’s annual ranking “The World’s Most Admired Companies”. The company climbs one place to second in the sector’s ranking, only preceded by the North American AT&T. It is the only Spanish company of any sector that appears in the ranking.

Telefónica obtained an average of 6.45 points out of 10, ahead of all its direct competitors in the markets where it is present (vs Vodafone, 6.40 points, Orange, 5.18 points, América Móvil, 5.06 points, and Deutsche Telekom, 5.12 points).

According to “The World’s Most Admired Companies”, executives believe that Telefónica is the best operator in Europe in terms of innovation, use of corporate assets, equipment management and management quality. It also occupies a prominent position in quality of products and services, social responsibility, financial soundness and long-term investment value.

The ranking has been developed from more than 3,800 interviews with executives, analysts, managers and experts from 30 countries.

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