Telefónica improves the connectivity of Muving electric motorcycles in Europe and America

Telefónica Empresas will provide connectivity to Muving's 4,000 electric motorcycles (one of Spain's leading scooter sharing companies) distributed in 10 European and U.S. cities.

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  • The Spanish collaborative mobility company has incorporated the IoT Kite platform to monitor 4,000 motorcycles deployed in 10 cities on both continents.
  • Muving is the first European scooter sharing company to come to the American market.

Madrid, 24 June, 2019 – Telefónica Empresas will provide connectivity to Muving’s 4,000 electric motorcycles (one of Spain’s leading scooter sharing companies) distributed in 10 European and U.S. cities.

The five-year agreement also includes the connection of an entire fleet of intelligent electric vehicles via Kite Platform, Telefónica’s IoT managed cross-connectivity solution. A web platform, integrated into Muving’s mobility ecosystem, will allow remote monitoring and management of motorcycles via SIM cards, allowing all connected devices to be viewed and tracked in real time. Other benefits of Kite Platform include the visibility and control of expenditure and consumption of connected machines, 24×7 availability, a higher level of security and the ability to customise the solution to incorporate future improvements to electric scooters. Moreover, thanks to the data obtained from its network connection, it will be possible to measure and improve its operation and control, which will reduce the associated costs.

“We are very happy to be collaborating with Muving, as two of the most important trends at Telefónica come together in their product: innovation and sustainability. Muving was selected in 2017 as the most innovative startup of the year by OMExpo, and its pay-per-use system based on electric power reduces CO2 emissions to the atmosphere and noise pollution. We also believe that their commitment to incorporating the technology of our platform into their business model and internationalisation strategy will allow both of us to continue innovating in the shared mobility market,” said Beatriz Herranz, Director of Large Clients Centre at Telefónica.

At the same time, Iván Contreras, CEO and co-founder of Muving, also expressed his satisfaction “with the trust and support of Telefónica, which encourages us to continue rolling along the path of sustainability, new forms of urban mobility and electric vehicles, through a convinced commitment to technology as the root of Muving. All in all, what it offers is greater freedom for people to choose when and how they move, without polluting, in cities.

Muving is a company that was born in May 2017 in Madrid and the technology of its intelligent electric mopeds, called Muvi, is Spanish. The company, which was the first in Europe to have non-polluting vehicles with 168/213 certification, an EU regulation that regulates the marketing and registration of electric vehicles, is also the first collaborative economy organisation to circulate in American cities.


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