Telefónica and Ericsson launch private virtualized networks that cover the high connectivity demands of the industry 4.0


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Madrid, 21st June 2018.- Telefonica and Ericsson have worked together to offer company segment customers a solution based on Telefonica’s Telco Cloud global platform, UNICA. For the first time, Telefonica launches a specific solution in the market, Enterprise Private Network, which covers the company segment need of working under very demanding broadband and latency requirements for their industrial mobile communications.

The current industrial digitalization context has generated the need to enable connectivity capabilities for providing high speed and flexibility to the 4.0 industry in its mobile communications. To do so, the connectivity characteristics that offer elements such as Network Slicing and the vEPC (virtual Evolved Packet Core), are essential. For the first time, Telefonica makes these excellent connectivity technologies available to its company customers.

Through Network Slicing we are able to offer companies personalized capabilities on a single infrastructure. The Telefonica platform for Network Slicing is a new software-based network that is programmable, flexible, scalable, efficient, and open, and that guarantees broadband and low latency that are suitable for their demand at all times.

Furthermore, the Enterprise Private Network solution, with Ericsson technology, brings Telefonica’s communications networks to end customers through an approximation process, called Ultra-Edge Computing, that consists in the UNICA-based network Core reaching the facilities of companies themselves.  This approach makes bandwidths increase significantly, while simultaneously minimizing response times, thus achieving a significant improvement of the communications quality.

This commercial launch represents a technological leap for Telefonica and Ericsson. According to Juan Carlos García, Global Director of Technology and Architecture at Telefonica, “the main characteristic of this new network architecture focused on covering the digitalization needs of the industry, is the capability to adapt and redistribute capacities according to needs. The base of the innovative service with which Telefonica is consolidating its leadership, sits on this flexibility”.

Aware of the need to continue to evolve to cover all the requirements of their end customers, Telefonica continues actively working on the global UNICA program with the goal of having a common infrastructure that is sufficiently flexible to make it possible to cover the needs of both its small and large customers in a secure, quick, and consistent manner.

“Telefónica is working on a value proposition called “Industry Ready” that will promote a change in the production systems of all industrial sectors supporting companies in their journey towards digital transformation” says Vicente Muñoz, Chief IoT Officer of Telefónica.

Companies will be able to benefit from integral solutions for the digitalization of their “Industry 4.0” fields in segments such as mining, petrochemicals, automotive, ports, airports, and food companies.

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