Telefónica and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise update operational processes with the services of Andalusian technology firm C&G IT Solutions

C&G IT Solutions, a company that was accelerated in Wayra Spain and counts among its clients large firms such as Mediamarkt, has become a benchmark in global operations management for...

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  • C&G IT Solutions, a company that was accelerated in Wayra Spain and counts among its clients large firms such as Mediamarkt, has become a benchmark in global operations management for manufacturers and operators.
  • The main value of the C&G IT Solutions platform is its efficiency in managing the entire process, which includes the relationship with both the manufacturers and the end users of its services.
  • The agreement, assessed for 2017 at over 9 million euros, will make it possible to support close to 1 million users.

Madrid, 4th April 2017.- Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, one of the principal suppliers of telecommunications solutions and services for companies, and C&G IT Solutions, a leading firm from Andalusia in managing the global operations of manufacturers and operators thanks to an innovative platform that centralises procedures, have reached an agreement to offer operations services to Telefónica customers in Spain.

The speed of its processes and its swiftness in dealing with incidents are two factors that have proven to be key in leading both Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and Telefónica to trust in the services provided by C&G IT Solutions, a company accelerated through Wayra, the Telefónica Open Future_ accelerator.

Under the agreement, assessed for 2017 at over 9 million euros, C&G IT Solutions will provide operational support for close to 1 million users, who will benefit from a highly innovative technological platform for operational management which will expedite processes. This will result in greater swiftness of action and growing satisfaction by the users of the telephone and multimedia services and the network infrastructure.

“I am excited about continuing to develop our strategic agreement with Telefónica, increasingly focusing on cloud-based communication services, and I am thrilled in this regard that we have become involved with C&G, as they are capable of being very efficient in managing our orders, their operations, monitoring, dealing with guarantees and the electronic relationship with customers”, highlighted Jean-Clovis Pichon, CEO of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Spain.

“We can only obtain different results by doing things differently. At C&G IT Solutions we highlight not only providing the service but also process quality and innovation. It is a case of constant reinvention which is committed to confidence, team management and productivity. In short, we contribute to improving the user experience through their technological devices: we provide visibility for users during the process, we reduce response times, we apply technology to automate services, among other things”, said Alejandro Costa, CEO of C&G IT Solutions.

The contribution made by C&G IT Solutions at a technological level is a clear example of the investment large companies are currently making in development and innovation from external sources, mainly the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“Response times becoming increasingly faster and satisfaction levels rising in the customer care service is good news. This is a clear demonstration of the role played by open innovation and entrepreneurial projects in developing technological solutions that end up positively affecting the customer and which Telefónica and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise are embracing with this agreement with C&G”, commented Javier Placer, CEO of Telefónica Open Future_.

About Telefónica Open Future_

Telefónica Open Future_ is a global platform designed to connect entrepreneurs, startups, investors and public and private partners around the world to capture innovation and business opportunities. Its goal is to support talent at all stages of growth through a comprehensive model for acceleration that is designed to connect talent with organisations, investors and companies. The programme incorporates all the Telefónica Group’s open innovation, entrepreneurship and investment initiatives (Think Big, Talentum Startups, crowdworking, Wayra, the Amérigo investment funds, the Telefónica Ventures corporate funds) through a global network that is open to participation by external partners that wish to develop their own entrepreneurial and investment strategies and connect them with large companies. To date, more than 51,000 proposals have been analysed, over 700 startups have received investment and in excess of 1,600 have been accelerated. Telefónica Open Future_ is present in 17 countries and a total of 445 million euros has been committed to investment by Telefónica Open Future_ and its partners. Further information:

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About C&G IT Solutions

C&G IT Solutions is a wholesaler of technology services and the leader in aftersales management in southern Europe, for the largest manufacturers of technology and integrators worldwide. Ever since it was founded in 2004, the Seville-based company has been characterised by doing things differently, with a unique in-house culture that innovates in service, team productivity and managing the working environment. In fact, C&G IT Solutions is firmly committed to talent recruitment policies and using technological tools to promote the recognition and professional development of its teams.

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