Telefónica’s Energy Constellation

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Telefónica’s constellation is one of the surprises that were presented at the III Global Workshop on Energy and Climate Change held the past 14, 15 and November 16 in Santiago de Chile.

The constellation is a simulation that shows the monitoring of Telefónica global energy targets since 2007 until present. Each planet corresponds to a Telefónica operator and their radius represents the power consumption of the operator. The X axis shows the kilowatt hour per equivalent access in operations (kWh/EA) and the Y axis represents the megawatt hour in offices per employee (MWh/e). In this sense, the axes represent the Telefónica global energy targets, each color represents an operator and its size is proportional to its power consumption.

If planets are closer to the lower left corner of the graph, operators are more efficient in energy terms. Telefonica electricity reduction targets of 30% in networks and 10% in offices will be achieved if operators can reach values of 23 kWh/EA and 6MWh/e.


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