Telefónica included in the Carbon Disclosure Project’s “A-List”. What does this mean for us?

We are the only Spanish company in the telecommunications sector with operations in Latin America and Europe to be included in the “A-List” of the Climate...

Nilmar Seccomandi

Nilmar Seccomandi

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We are the only Spanish company in the telecommunications sector with operations in Latin America and Europe to be included in the “A-List” of the Climate CDP Performance Leadership 2014 for our commitment to fighting climate change. Specifically, we received the second highest rating of a global telecom.

Being one of the 187 companies, out of a total of 2,000 applicants from all sectors that were evaluated, that make up the “A-List”, represents for us the recognition of the company’s efforts in terms of strategy and investment to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, without affecting our financial results.

The list helps us to demonstrate that, reducing the company’s carbon footprint does not impact our economic results, and also allows us to give institutional investors and stakeholders a tool to evaluate and track our corporate efforts to mitigate climate change.

This classification is an acknowledgement of the effectiveness of our transparent management of the risks and opportunities associated with climate change. In addition to demonstrating that we are able to facilitate full and relevant information on our energy and emissions management both worldwide and locally, it also highlights the years of work by Telefónica’s Office of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, which has been working with the global Operations team and the “Energy Managers” of Telefónica’s carriers around the world.

For us, this recognition means that the actions that we’ve been carrying out are having a positive effect:

  • We have an Office of Energy Efficiency and Climate Change, led by the operations department and the environmental department of the companies.
  • We have defined global targets for the reduction of energy consumption and CO2.
  • We have a group of “Energy Managers” who are experts in energy efficiency in the operations departments of the countries in which we operate.
  • Every year we carry out a specialized process of energy and CO2 accounting worldwide.
  • Every year, we execute dozens of global energy efficiency projects with our Global Operations team and our countries.
  • We verify our global energy and emissions data externally, along with the quality of the emissions programmes.
  • We analyse the risks and opportunities related to climate change based on the corporate risk-assessment model.

This has revalidated our position as the Spanish telecommunications company that has presented the most and best climate-change data to the global market through the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the only global system for the communication of corporate environmental information in the world.

Paul Simpson, executive director of CDP, said: ” Global greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, and we face steep financial risk if we do not mitigate them. The business case for action to mitigate climate change has never been stronger or more urgent. For this reason, we congratulate those businesses that have achieved a position on the A list. These companies are responding to market demand for environmental accountability and, at the same time, are making progress towards the realization of sustainable economies”

We continue working to maintain our leadership while continuing along the path to becoming a Digital Telecom.

– CDP Performance Leadership 2014 Report


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