Promoting collaboration with Irish tech companies

An Irish delegation recently visited Distrito Telefónica to reinforce collaboration with tech companies.

María José Lanuza

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Dara Murphy, Minister of State for European affairs and Data Protection for the Government of Ireland, and David Cooney, Irish Ambassador to Spain, recently visited Distrito Telefónica as part of a technological collaboration program promoted by Enterprise Ireland, whose representative Alberto Cisterna was also part of the institutional delegation.

In representation of Telefónica, the meeting was attended by Trinidad Jimenez, Director of Global Strategy for Public Affairs; Enrique Medina, Chief Policy Officer; Enrique Blanco, Chief Technical Officer and Natalia Moreno, Director of Global Institutional Relations.
During the meeting, ideas were exchanged on the political and economic priorities of the Irish Government in relation to the Brexit process, principal aspects of the Digital Single Market and the EU’s commitment to privacy for European citizens. Regarding this issue, Telefónica explained its new public stance on the management of customers’ data, and how the 4th Platform will provide maximum transparency and privacy in this area.
In the second part of the day, several bilateral work meetings were held between different areas of Telefónica and the other companies attending, which included MadMe, Iricent, Arise, Fijo Wave, Xintec, Swrve, Equiendo, Tango Telecom, HeyStacks and Xtremepush. These meetings served as an opportunity for the exchange of potential business opportunities.

Enterprise Ireland is a government organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish companies in the world market promoting sustainable growth, regional development and secure employment.


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