New technologies and customer service: a world of possibilities 

This is why ICTs have become a fundamental resource for companies to keep developing better systems to support their customers and employees in a way that fully satisfies them. This can be achieved today with new technologies, as they provide the opportunity to implement new strategies that personalise services and reach previously unseen levels of satisfaction.

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Improve your relationship with your customers. Making customer support centres better is now a matter of concern for most businesses. In an increasingly competitive market, building customer loyalty is key to sustaining a business over the long term and new technologies play a key role.

24/7 contact: the key to a continuous presence 

Not long ago, the communication between a service provider and the user of that service was discontinuous, and often one-way. The company was there when its consumer opened a letter or saw a TV commercial, but never in continuous fashion. 

This has radically changed with the expansion and development of new technologies. On the one hand, there is the growing online presence businesses have (including 100% digital ones); on the other, the widespread use of mobile devices and the implementation of web portals, social networks and personalised applications as a means of direct and instant communication is something that has blazoned a new path for companies.  

The benefits are obvious. For the first time, users are in contact with the company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and their feedback matters a great deal. This in turn creates a sense of closeness that is essential in today’s service delivery. Customers feel listened to and appreciate it when companies are attentive to their problems. In the same way, this is an advantage for companies which is reflected in a better understanding of the user profile of their services.  

The power of data to deliver better service 

Direct communication channels are implemented in structures such as mobile apps or web portals. These tools collect an enormous amount of data generated by user interaction and use. Finally, thanks to technologies such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, they offer real-time data analysis and improve their own processes in real time so that the company may achieve two things: a better understanding of the user and the creation of new products and personalised communication strategies. 

In addition, if companies have a comprehensive digital customer support centre, customers will be able to create a comprehensive profile for themselves. This raw data is interpreted to create individualised profiles.  

Not long ago, this was impossible to put into practice. Today, large companies with millions of customers can create 100% customised products while optimising costs. Moreover, they can also design adaptive communication strategies so that each profile is treated in a way that best suits their needs. All this enables companies to offer individual service, meet expectations and provide solutions to their customers. 

Personalisation and speed: the two keys to success thanks to new technologies

Personalisation is one of the great advantages of having a complete customer service system. This benefit is derived from the ability of companies to know their users. In addition, the connectivity and digitalisation of services can offer another plus: speed of service. If a customer notices that a company has an agile system for delivering products or resolving incidents, their satisfaction will go up and so will their loyalty and commitment, or “engagement”. 

What’s more, the speed of service may even bring forward potential purchases. Indeed, the data analysis from the digitisation of the customer service system is capable of making an app that can offer products that match up with customers’ interests. This means users will notice that their tastes and preferences are being taken into consideration by the brand, which is also part of the personalisation of the offer. 

Final customer satisfaction 

The customer’s opinion and support for a brand has become an essential part of the development of new lines of business, and it is no coincidence that companies are increasingly implementing better customer service and communication channels with new technologies. Nowadays, it is practically impossible to compete without a service of this type that is meticulously taken care of. 

The whole process has to result in a single criterion: overall user satisfaction. If this is achieved, it will keep rolling key aspects for the long-term sustainability of a company, such as user loyalty or a good social reputation.  

It is true that companies are well aware that this is a daily task, the dynamics are constantly changing, and potential user profiles are increasingly diverse. For this reason, Telefónica Tech has developed a multi-channel customer support centre that allows companies to automatically deal with each contact regardless of the source: forms, web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, online chat, email or telephone. This integrated system also helps to optimise customer follow-up and capture new sales opportunities 

This is the reality that spurs the need for better and better communication channels.  


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