New ITU ‘Sustainability Toolkit’ for the ICT sector

There are no excuses for not being green. After several months of work, the ITU, with the collaboration of over 50 companies, has released an environmental sustainability toolkit for ICT companies.

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María Elena Cruz Martín

Data Scientist en Telefónica y Managing Director de Girls in Tech España.

The toolkit gives a standardized method to report on sustainability performance, which is increasingly required by customers, investors, governments and other stakeholders. It will also enable companies to manage and improve sustainability performance.   The “Toolkit on Environmental Sustainability for the ICT Sector” provides a set of sustainability requirements for ICT companies to allow a more objective reporting in the following areas:          

  • Sustainable ICT in corporate organizations, looking primarily at three ICT areas: data centres, desktop infrastructure and telecommunications networks.
  • Sustainable products, through the use of environmentally-conscious design, development and manufacturing principles, from a product’s birth to its end-of-life treatment.
  • Sustainable buildings, focusing on the sustainability management of buildings through construction, use and de-commissioning; considering that ICT companies operate facilities demanding large volumes of energy at all life-cycle stages.
  • End of life management, covering the various EOL stages and their accompanying legislation, and providing companies with guidance on the environmentally-conscious management of EOL ICT equipment.
  • General specifications and key performance indicators, matching environmental Key performance indicators (KPI) to an organization’s strategic targets, and exploring the development of standardized processes to ensure KPIs are presented in the form most useful to management for decision making
  • Assessment framework for environmental impacts, explores how various standards and guidelines can form part of sustainability frameworks tailored to each organization’s objectives and desired sustainability performance.

It was launched during ITU Green Standards Week in Paris, 17-21 September, an event advocating the creation and application of ‘green ICT’ standards for boosting environmental efficiency across all industry sectors.


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