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The EU celebrates today the 8th edition of the Data Protection Day. “ The aim of Data Protection Day , which is marked on 28 January each year, is to give citizens an opportunity to understand...

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The EU celebrates today the 8th edition of the Data Protection Day. “The aim of Data Protection Day, which is marked on 28 January each year, is to give citizens an opportunity to understand what kind of data about them is collected and processed, why this is done, and what rights they have in respect of such processing. It is also an opportunity for them to become more aware of the inherent risks associated with the unlawful use or clandestine processing of their personal data”

On the occasion of this date EU Justice (@EU_Justice) hosts a Twitter chat with #EUdataP experts Natasha Bertraud (@NatashaBertraud) and Giorgos Rossides (@grossides) today from 12h-13h CET. Telefónica will join this debate! Click here to join the #EUchat.

In addition, other organizations will also host today around the world other events on this topic. We include below in this post some of them:

  • CEPS hosts in Brussels (Belgium) a debate with Vice-President Reding – “A new Data Protection Compact for Europe” – from 11h-12:30h CET. This event also counts with the participation of Peter Hustinx, European Data Protection Supervisor; Claude Moraes, MEP and member of the LIBE Committee, European Parliament; and Jens-Henrik Jeppesen, Centre for Democracy and Technology, CDT.
  • The Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) organizes in Madrid (Spain) a commemorative event of the “20 years of Data Protection in Spain” from 9:15h-19h CET. High level representatives from the Spanish public administrations such as Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, Minister of Justice, and Víctor Calvo-Sotelo, Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Information Society, are included among the panelists.
  • The Society for Computers and Law (SCL) hosts a Data Protection Update Seminar in London (UK) from 16h-19:15h. This event includes the following speakers: David Smith, Deputy Information Commissioner, ICO; Professor Christopher Millard, Professor of Privacy and Information Law, QMUL; Timothy Pitt-Payne QC, 11KBW; Ellis Parry, Global Lead – Data Privacy, BP Legal; and Jonathan Baines, Information Rights Officer, Buckinghamshire County Council, and Chairman of NADPO.
  • Real Privacy hosts in Toronto (Canada) a debate with Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner, Dr. Ann Cavoukian – “Big Surveillance Demands Big Privacy – Enter Privacy-Protective Surveillance” – from 9h-12:30h local time. You can follow this event online here.
  • The US National Cyber Security Alliance hosts in Washington DC (USA) a debate – “NCSA Data Privacy Day Kickoff Event” – from 11h-14h local time. Panels include “A Competitive Advantage: Respecting Consumer Privacy in a Big Data World” and “Notice and Consent: Innovating a New Path Forward”, along with a look at the latest privacy research. You can watch this event live on Facebook here.
  • The Touro Law Center for Innovation in Business, Law and Technology presents in New York (USA) a screening of “Terms and Conditions May Apply“, the award-winning data privacy documentary by Cullen Hoback, from 19h-21h. Following the screening, a panel of privacy professionals will discuss the film and take questions from the audience.
  • The San Diego Gas & Electric Energy Innovation Center hosts in San Diego (USA) an event on “Privacy in Motion – Mobile Devices & Privacy Issues” from 17h-21:30h local time with California’s leading Privacy Professionals.

You can click here for more information on these events and many others that are taking place today and on coming dates.


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