#GirlsLoveTech, Telefónica’s STEAM community for girls

In the advances that have improved the world, women have played a key role. Their contributions have been key in science and technology. However, we are losing much of this talent.

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The STEAM Alliance for Female Talent “Girls on a scientific footing” is an initiative of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training that aims to foster STEAM vocations in girls and young women and to reduce the gender gap. 

Telefónica forms part of this Alliance together with more than 100 companies and organisations throughout Spain. 

Telefónica creates its STEAM community: #GirlsLoveTech 

We know that we must continue to work and support female talent, which is why the company has its own STEAM Telefónica Women’s Community called #GirlsLoveTech. 

Initiative promoted by Telefónica Open Innovation Campus which brings together professionals and experts from the company who volunteer their personal and professional time to carry out activities with girls, young women and university students. 

From Telefónica Open Innovation Campus, #GirlsLoveTech directs its proposals towards those young women who are currently asking the question “what do I want to be when I grow up?”, and who still don’t have the answers; to this end, the company’s STEAM programme provides direct access to Telefónica mentors who will help them to guide their professional career, or to find paths for their future

Open Innovation Campus is a Telefónica initiative that connects the company’s open innovation with the academic ecosystem and young talent in a bidirectional way. We are committed to the future professionals of our country. 

#GirlsLoveTech offers the possibility to make visible and connect female talent and new professions in our industry, so that young women in our country can find references, support and answers to their questions

Experiences, references and knowledge 

The proposal, which is presented from the programme developed by Telefónica professionals from #GirlsLoveTech, offers workshops, mentoring, masterclasses and shadowing sessions always in the field of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, arts, humanities, trends, to help the future professionals of our country. 

During the 2021_2022 programme #GirlsLovetech developed among other activities, online and face-to-face masterclasses, addressed to +1000 female students from Castilla y León, Cantabria or Madrid, with topics such as: 

Upcoming #GirlsLoveTech Targets 

On 27 October, a new programme of activities will be presented to Telefónica’s community of STEAM women, that will be developed during 2022_2023, with the firm intention of connecting with a greater number of girls and young women in secondary school, high school and university, as well as extending the activities to more geographical areas of Spain and adding more professionals and experts from Telefónica

Telefónica will continue to support and work for female talent, building and connecting new activities, as it has been doing so far with its STEAM community and other programmes, such as its global initiative, #WomenHacker of Telefónica Tech, which aims to inspire boys, girls and young people who are interested in the world of technology and encourage them to break gender stereotypes. 

If you want to know more about the #GirlsLoveTech programme, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected] 


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