Corporate Social Responsibility Newsletter (2nd of March 2015)

We want to share with you the campaign “Six recommendations for preventing cyberbullying” supported by Telefónica and...

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Laura Cabo Díez

Laura Cabo Díez 

Community Manager and Editor, Telefónica S. A. 








We want to share with you the campaign “Six recommendations for preventing cyberbullying” supported by Telefónica and Pantallas Amigas. The initiative includes a series of short videos providing simple tips for preventing cyberbullying and misuses of the Internet


There are estimated to be over 1 billion people in the world with some kind of disability, known as “The other billion”. It is a group which we must fully integrate into society and which represents a potential market of $8 billion (almost €5.8 billion).

Read the compromises and positioning of Telefónica in this area:


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Smart sustainable cities: a rising priority for decision-makers – @ITU (3th March, Reading, UK)

Mobile World Congress – @gsma (2nd-5th March, Barcelona)

International Women’s Day Forum 2015 – @UN (4th-5th March, New York)

Ecobuild 2015 – @ WorldGBC (5th March, London)

Twitter Chat: Women in Corporate Leadership – @triplepundit (6th March, Online)

International Women’s Day – @UN (8th March, Global)

Corporate Citizenship Evaluation and Measurement (11th -13th March, Portland)


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