Challenging boundaries: how to get out of your comfort zone in work and technology

It may sound trite, like a TikTok video replicated by hundreds of influencers, but the concept of "stepping out of your comfort zone" is something we should all keep in mind.

Find out more about Lang Lang and how to get out of your comfort zone at work and in technology.

Ara Rodríguez

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Especially at a time when things are changing at a dizzying pace and with a future that only promises us to push the accelerator harder and harder. Not only in our personal lives, but also in the world of work: what will the professions of the future be? It is not yet clear, but we do know that they will come hand in hand with major changes and technological developments.

In any case, defined as that decision, courageous and possibly risky in most cases, stepping out of our comfort zone is a step forward that drives personal and professional growth.  In the comfortable refuge of the known, people can feel safe, but also limited in their ability to reach their full potential. It is when they challenge themselves, venture into the unknown and face new challenges that they can truly expand their horizons and achieve more ambitious goals.

When faced with new and challenging situations, we are forced to learn, adapt and improve our skills. In the digital age in which we live, technology is advancing at a dizzying pace, constantly transforming the way we live, work and interact. Couple this with the increasingly competitive and changing world of work, and the ability to adapt and take on new challenges is critical to staying relevant and advancing your career.

Moving from theory to practice

However, it is clear that the theory is very easy and the practice is not so easy. It requires determination and an open mind to face the unknown and overcome the fears and doubts that may arise along the way. And the recipe for success: desire, lots of desire.  It is important to remember that change does not happen overnight, but is a gradual process that requires time, effort and dedication. Especially with technological events that may arise along the way that require keeping up with constantly evolving developments.

It’s not all bad news, though, because if you think about it, you’ll realise that we’ve stepped out of our comfort zone more times than you’d think. Looking back, you might be surprised at how much we’ve been able to tackle: we’ve moved from landline phones to smartphones, social media is now part of our daily lives and the work environment of many teams, we use hundreds of programs to help us with our daily tasks, and cybersecurity awareness is the order of the day. And this is just part of the long list of changes that have gradually led us out of our habits and into new ones.

But despite these challenges, the benefits of stepping out of the comfort zone and adopting new technologies far outweigh the costs, opening up new career opportunities and professional growth by adapting to an ever-changing technological environment.

Lang Lang, an example of stepping out of the comfort zone

Lang Lang, the renowned Chinese pianist, gives us valuable lessons on how to get out of the comfort zone to achieve new goals in personal life as well as in the work and technological environment. From a young age, the new protagonist of Better Connected, an initiative of Telefónica, Lang Lang tells how he has faced challenges and excelled in classical music, becoming an international reference. Also, through his foundation, the Lang Lang International Music Foundation, he demonstrates his commitment to mentoring and music education.

The pianist emphasises the benefits of leaving the comfort zone, highlighting the importance of effort, talent and social support. In the world of work, stepping out of this zone means taking risks, seeking new opportunities and constantly learning. In the technological sphere, it means adapting to new tools and trends, keeping an open mind to change.

Lang Lang suggests expanding social circles to gain different perspectives, travelling to connect with diverse cultures and maintaining a positive attitude to overcome adversity. His focus on passion and positive energy highlights the importance of staying motivated in the pursuit of personal and professional growth.

The pianist inspires us to explore outside our comfort zone, embracing new experiences and challenges to reach our full potential. His practical advice encourages us to expand our horizons, connect with other cultures and maintain a positive attitude in the face of difficulties. By stepping out of our comfort zone, we can discover new opportunities and achieve extraordinary results in both music and everyday life.


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