Sergio de la Calle

Sergio de la Calle

Programme Director & Faculty en Universitas

Son of Tasio and Ascen, brother of Héctor and Estela, father of Nico and Valeria and travelling companion of Elena, with whom I would share two lives and it still wouldn’t be enough.

I should have been a comic book artist, but I didn’t try hard enough and ended up working in HR, something very fortunate because instead of drawing adventures of heroes and villains, it allows me to live them in my day to day life.

25 years in 4 companies in the Telefonica Group, from a large operation, to a very large one, then to a regional one and finally, in the Corporation. During this time, I have battled against beasts such as performance appraisal, talent identification or engagement studies but my favourite battles were the internal innovation and recognition programmes, diversity&inclusion and the digitalisation of processes.

I am currently in the place where I can best capitalise on this experience; Universitas, Telefónica’s leadership school and considered one of the best corporate universities in the world.

For some time now I have had the urge to write and I have published 4 books in 4 years, which is almost OCD. “Lidera con sentido del humor”, “Divertirse trabajando” (both from Plataforma Editorial), ¨La Llave de Todas las Puertas” (amazon) and “No eres tu trabajo” (Empresa Activa).

For those who are interested, I am a sociologist, MBA and Postgraduate in HR.


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