Rafael Sánchez Murillo

Rafael Sánchez Murillo

Southern Optimisation Coordinator in OPERATIONS, NETWORK AND IT

Since December 1995 I have been in this house, enjoying the experience of being part of a great paradigm shift for a whole society: the irruption of mobile telephony in their lives.

My career has always been very close to the final mobile customer, as I have worked in both the planning and optimisation of the mobile radio access network. From “those crazy people” who go around deciding where to put the antennas on the terraces of buildings or on towers in the middle of the countryside or go around the streets with several phones reproducing the real quality perceived by the customers.

It has been a very intense few years in which changes have been constant and the requirements of our users have been greater and greater. Although some may think that it has been an obstacle course, I have always felt surrounded by a great human capital that has accompanied me in this great adventure.

I would not only include “our telephonists” but also some customers who made me feel like one of the family.


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