José Antonio Moreno

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    • After 4 years in a small advertising agency, I joined Telefónica in January 1993. I then worked in the Publications department, under the Internal Communications area, where I designed, laid out and supervised the printing of all kinds of publications (employee magazines and newspapers, telephone directory covers, results reports, brochures and much more). The department went out of business and HR moved me to Operations for a year, in the Outside Plant Department, drafting performance warning letters.

      From there I moved to Purchasing, after winning a call for experts, but after barely a month, it was not what I had imagined, so I requested a change of attachment to Advertising with the corresponding resignation. I went back to my natural environment and, although I wasn't a full-time designer, I got involved in campaigns, interacting with agencies that worked for us, especially for the online medium.

      This also served to establish a close relationship with Canal Online and made it easier for me to apply for an expert position as a designer years later, which I won. And I've been happy ever since.


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