César Carnicero

César Carnicero

Corporate Services Development Project Manager

My family comes from the empty Spain, from the province of Soria. My parents spent their childhood in two neighbouring villages, now almost deserted.

They emigrated, something common in the 60s and 70s and ended up settling in Madrid where I spent part of my adolescence, returning to the village whenever possible and where I still return whenever I can.

I studied Telecommunications in Madrid, then, not being sure about where to go, I did my “military service” and in the last year of Telecommunications I started studying Physics.

While I was still studying Physics I started working in Telefónica Móviles España in April 1997 in the COR (equivalent to the CNSO) when the TMA 450 was still in service, while Moviline was reaching its zenith and Movistar GSM (the 2G) was just starting to work.

For those of you who are not familiar with it, in 80-81 the TMA 450 also known as Nordic telephony or “0G” was launched for the 1982 World Cup, in 90-91 Moviline was launched to cover the Barcelona Olympics and the 1992 Seville Expo. Finally, in 1995 Movistar appeared.

While first TMA 450 and later Moviline were shut down, mobile telephony exploded, the company grew and so did the Telefónica group.

Then came the internet boom and the dot coms, the Y2K, the 2.5G networks, 3G, 4G and recently 5G.

All spiced up with fixed-mobile convergence, fibre ftth, Imagenio, the Movistar Fusión package and network virtualisation as the main milestones.

In all these years I was “navigating” through the company’s network and services units, learning a lot and from many people. Sometimes with joys and other times with disappointments.

Until arriving at our days in the Development of Business Services and Systems.


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