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When we have professional with different ways of living and thinking, we can have different perspectives and achieve positive change within the organisation, thus creating innovative products and services.

For Telefónica, diversity is a source of talent. Our goal is to have people with different cultures, genders, sexual orientations, races, generations, capabilities, profiles, etc., and beyond all this, with diversity of thought.

At a company like Telefónica, we consider diversity to be strategic. In fact, it is part of the Global Responsible Business Plan -a plan which is approved by the company's Board of Directors- as well as by the Responsible Business plans for each country.

The Company’s first level has committed to this issue through Chief Diversity Officer and the Global Diversity Council, lead by Laura Abasolo, a member of our Executive Committee. Comprised of promoters of diversity in operations, its mission is to guarantee multiculturalism, and a diversity of gender, profiles and experiences among our professionals, as a key towards digital transformation.

Internal Policies –the Policy for Diversity and Inclusion and the Policy for Naming Executives- also help us promote difference, meritocracy and transparency.


We guarantee the representation of at least one woman in 100% of the processes for naming and promoting executives. To make sure this measure is complied with, we have created a Transparency Committee consisting of the Chairman and four top-level executives


Our numbers:

Our commitments are to achieve pay equality by reducing the gender-adjusted pay gap to +/-1% and reach 33% of women in management positions by the end of 2024. To get it, we have included this last objective in the variable remuneration scheme for the company



Beyond the numbers

Diversity in Telefónica is much more than improving the numbers of one or other group; it is, above all else, inclusion. We strive to foster a culture of work in which the uniqueness of beliefs, backgrounds, capabilities, and the different ways of life will help us make better decisions. We are aware that this can only be achieved from above, with a model of inclusive leadership.

Why do we have to be diverse and inclusive? At Telefónica we believe that diversity generates value for the company and has a positive impact on our results. 


In the Board of Directors of Telefónica there are 29% of women


It is only with a diversified workforce that we can understand our customer base, empathize with them, and innovate to satisfy their needs, even achieving an emotional connection. It is only with a diversified workforce that we can successfully strengthen our digitalization by focusing on customers and people, and making the most of cognitive intelligence.


We want a company where each step begins with a question, not with a decision; a company where employees dare to be themselves


Telefónica supports the UN "Standards of Conduct for Business" to protect the rights of LGBTI people


Some of our initiatives

  • We address the value of differences and unconscious biases in workshops, MOOC, and online courses for upper management and employees.
  • We promote women's leadership with initiatives such as Women in Leadership.
  • We support young talent with the Talentum initiative and its scholarships, competitions, meetings, hackathons…
  • We promote the presence of women in STEM careers by supporting programs such as Technovation, #MujeresHacker, Women and Engineering, of The Royal Academy of Engineering in Spain or Step into STEM in the United Kingdom.
  • We support female entrepreneurs with Scale Up Women, a Wayra initiative.
  • We have created Movistar+ 5S for people with disabilities. We also promote for them accessibility to our stores, our web pages, our call centres…
  • We identify our devices with icons according of their usefulness for overcoming visual, auditory, cognitive, or dexterity related difficulties.
  • We encourage innovation itself and with other entities to move forward in inclusion through technology. PervasiveSub, accessible TPV for the ONCE vendors and Breaking Sound Barriers are three examples.


We are committed to the right of employees to digital disconnection as a key element to improve the balance between personal and work life.


Discover our Diversity Policy  

> Download Diversity Policy (ES - EN - PT- DE Documento en formato PDF)
> Download Infographics (ES - EN PTDE - Documento en formato PDF)


Telefónica supports UN “Standards Of Conduct For Business”.
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