Be healthy!

2016 is being very healthy for Telefónica Open Future_, and now that it is coming to its end, we can see that the platform and its initiatives are in very good shape. Find bellow 5 examples that certify this:

Wayra UK: Velocity Health

The startups being accelerated in Velocity Health, the UK´s first digital preventative healthcare accelerator powered by MSD (Merck Sharp & Dohme Limited) and Wayra Open Future, are working hard in order to face the main challenges of the healthcare system. Pzizz, Baby2Body, Aparito and TickerFit are looking for solutions, as you can watch in this video recorded at Innovation Expo 2016.



The temperature of the mass media

In Venezuela, #CriminalDataVE and #VotoAbierto are the two multidisciplinary teams that have won the hackathon of data journalism hosted in the headquarters of Wayra.  Organized by Chicas Poderosas, a movement that promotes the creation of technological collaborative networks among women journalists, the hackathon has been a success. The two winning prototypes seek to facilitate the work of journalists covering events and electoral results, as well as guaranteeing citizens the transparency of this data.

The first Wayra academy is five years old!

On December 1, the Wayra Academy of Colombia, the first to be opened, celebrated its fifth anniversary. Entrepreneurs, allies, collaborators, mentors and partners gathered to offer for this first five years in which the academy has received more than 3.000 proposals, has accelerated 52 projects and in which are currently being accelerated 26 companies. Startups like Viajala, Hogaru, FLUVIP, Urban Messengers, Verifícalo and Celotor are good examples of how successful is Wayra.

Velatia, the first call launched in Spain to find customized solutions for industry’ leaders, has a winner

DeciData-Kunak, an alliance of companies from Bizkaia and Navarra, has been the winner of the Velatia Challenge, launched by Bizkaia Open Future_, the program jointly developed by Diputación Foral de Bizkaia and Telefónica focused on driving the digital transformation of the Bizkaia industry. 33 entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs and universities were presented to the challenge, which sought a solution for the maintenance of Ormazabal remote wind farms.

The initiative Bizkaia Open Future_ has the particularity of addressing the priority sectors of Bizkaia: aeronautics, automotive, energy ... This program, which is giving its first results, also aims to position itself as the point of connection between the entrepreneurial new talent, local and international, and the industrial enterprises from the North of Spain.

Cinepapaya is acquired by the American Fandango Media LLC

Cinepapaya, a company accelerated by Wayra Peru, has been acquired by the American Fandango Media LLC. Almost 5 years ago, Wayra Perú joined the startup's shareholders to accelerate its growth, since it was an innovative project for the entertainment business in Peru. Cinepapaya provides a turnkey e-commerce solution for independent cinemas and regional film chains seeking a cross-platform presence with high usability.


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