Telefónica Global Human Rights Policy: Advancing ESG

Telefónica's Global Human Rights Policy goes beyond moral obligation, serving as a strategic priority that sets a high standard in sustainability.


Telefónica’s Global Human Rights Policy is grounded in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and is approved by the Board of Directors. The policy outlines Telefónica’s commitment to respect human rights, including the right to freedom of expression, privacy, and non-discrimination, among others. It also sets out the company’s responsibility to address adverse human rights impacts, including those that may be caused by its suppliers or business partners.

Telefónica’s Global Human rights policy is a cornerstone of its corporate social responsibility efforts. Our policy sets a high standard for promoting and protecting human rights across our operations and supply chain. We believe that respect for human rights is not only a moral obligation but also a strategic priority.

As part of Telefónica´s commitment, we have developed a corporate sustainability due diligence process to help us identify, prevent, mitigate and remedy potential and actual adverse impacts throughout the company’s value chain.

We offer a Responsible Business Channel for stakeholders to report issues related to our Business Principles, Policies, and Regulations. All communications are treated with confidentiality, respect, and thoroughness, as per our guiding regulations.

Additionally, there’s an anonymous whistleblowing channel for the Telefónica Group to report irregularities, with all communications handled respectfully, confidentially, and justifiably, ensuring rights are upheld during resolution and corrective measures.

Implementation and monitoring of Telefónica´s Global Human Rights Policy

Transparency and accountability are central to our commitment to human rights. We publicly report on our human rights performance and progress in addressing adverse human rights impacts. We also provide a grievance mechanism for individuals or groups who feel their human rights have been impacted by our operations or those of our business partners.

To ensure compliance with Telefónica´s Global Human Rights Policy, the Internal Audit area will review and supervise the adherence to these regulations by different company areas, carrying out supervisions of the established controls whenever deemed necessary.

In summary, Telefónica’s Global Human Rights Policy demonstrates our commitment to upholding human rights and advancing corporate social responsibility. It sets a high standard for other companies to follow and shows that business can be a force for good in promoting and protecting human rights.

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