Open RAN Technical Priorities Release 2

This Open RAN Technical Priorities Release 2 is an update of the document published in June 2021. It is the result of the work carried out under the MoU on Open RAN signed by Deutsche Telekom AG, Orange S.A., Telefónica S.A., TIM and Vodafone Group Plc.


Release 1 focused on the main scenarios and technical requirements for each of the building blocks of a multi-vendor RAN. Release 2 builds on those requirements and focuses in particular on intelligence, orchestration, transport and cloud infrastructure, aiming at defining a fully automated and interoperable Open RAN system.

The energy efficiency requirements and targets to support sustainable Open RAN deployments have also been addressed. It is expected that Open RAN networks will gradually become more energy efficient than traditional RAN, benefiting from Open RAN concepts such as cloudification, disaggregation and native AI.

The overall objective is to provide the minimum requirements to serve as a basis for acceptable Open RAN solutions to be deployed in a timely manner in Europe, across other regions and ultimately accelerate the global adoption of the technology. These requirements will evolve over time following the progress of Open RAN standardisation and market development of Open RAN solutions.

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