Telefónica Group Equality Policy 

Telefónica promotes equality and rejects gender discrimination globally, adapting to the needs of each territory.

At Telefónica, we’re fully committed to ensuring equal opportunities, firmly opposing any form of discrimination. This ethos is integrated into our global strategy and our Group’s Diversity and Inclusion Policy. Our Equality Policy sets out our intent to promote equality and reject discrimination based on gender across all areas of our business. While this policy provides a baseline, we understand the unique needs of each country we operate in, thus implement it through locally tailored plans and actions. 

Telefónica’s Equality Policy is globally applicable across our Group’s companies. It recognises the unique contexts and laws within each operational territory, allowing the policy to be tailored as necessary to suit specific realities. 


Telefónica’s Group Equality Policy enshrines our commitment to gender equality across all operational territories. This provides a consistent experience for all employees, respecting local legislation and collective agreements. Our global commitment is realised through specific, locally tailored equality plans and actions. 

Telefónica accordingly promotes the following commitments throughout the entire organisation: 

Selection and recruitment process, job classification, training and career advancement 

At Telefónica, our selection, recruitment, professional classification, training and promotion practices are based purely on merit and capability. We are committed to upholding the principle of equal treatment and opportunities, promoting gender balance in all areas of our business. 

Our recruitment efforts aim for a balanced gender distribution, and we recognise the importance of equality training, especially for those managing teams. We ensure that all our employees, regardless of gender, have equal access to necessary training for their roles and advancement opportunities. Our promotions are based on transparent and objective criteria, focusing on an individual’s knowledge, experience and skills. 

Working conditions and labour rights 

Telefónica has put in place fair working conditions in areas like working hours, safety measures, and leave policies, often established through collective bargaining. We strive to eliminate inequality or discrimination, ensuring equal treatment for all. We firmly uphold all workers’ labour rights, irrespective of gender, and strictly reject any form of forced labour, abuse, discrimination, violence or child labour. 

Additionally, we guarantee employees the right to join a union of their choice, and will not tolerate retaliation or hostility against those participating in union activities. 

Co-responsible exercise of the rights to personal, family and working life 

Telefónica recognises that societal changes and evolving family roles should not obstruct the balance of professional, personal, and family life.

We view equal opportunities as a strategic tool for enhancing organisational performance by accurately valuing and retaining female talent in managerial roles. 

The right to a balanced work-life, shared by both women and men, is fundamental to fostering a more equal, supportive, and sustainable society. We therefore promote innovative organisational models to improve work practices, manage talent, and enhance employee productivity and commitment. In this respect, we’ve signed agreements with leading trade unions globally, acknowledging the right to digital disconnection for all our employees. 

Under-representation of gender or sex 

Telefónica is committed to ensuring a balanced representation of women and men across all hierarchical levels and professional categories. We routinely monitor the gender distribution within each professional group to identify any instances of under-representation and, where possible, we will take corrective measures. 


Telefónica’s employee remuneration is merit-based, balancing global strategy with local practices. Our Appointments, Remuneration and Corporate Governance Committee oversees director remuneration. As part of our commitment to equality, we’re dedicated to reducing the pay gap, implementing progressive measures to reach our target. 

Prevention of sexual and gender-based harassment 

At Telefónica, we’re dedicated to fostering a respectful work environment. We strive to prevent all forms of harassment, ensuring dignity and equal opportunities. We act diligently to address and penalise any harassment, upholding our principles of equality and integrity. 

Non-sexist language and communication 

Telefónica fosters non-discriminatory language within our workplaces, eschewing any form of verbal hostility based on gender, sex, gender identity or expression, amongst other attributes. Our official communications are free from any sexist or discriminatory references. 

This Policy comes into force at the time of its approval by the Board of Directors of the Policy. If you want to know more details visit the link below: 


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