Telefónica Tech protects the HORSE factory in Valladolid with Aristeo

• The technology company deploys Aristeo at the Valladolid plant to preemptively capture and analyse threats received in a decoy network deployed on the internet that uses real hardware to confuse attackers.
• Aristeo will allow HORSE to identify its vulnerabilities early and extract key information from attacks to anticipate potential threats.

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HORSE, a global company in mobility solutions through low-emission engines, has entrusted Telefónica Tech with the protection of its Valladolid plant, where 35 million engines have been manufactured in its more than 58 years of history.

The agreement signed by both companies involves the deployment of Aristeo, a pioneering cyber security solution developed by Telefónica Tech at its Cybersecurity Center specialising in Industry 4.0 located in León (C4IN), to capture and analyse threats in industrial environments based on a network of decoys exposed on the internet that uses real hardware to confuse attackers.

HORSE factory in Valladolid

The implementation of Aristeo in the HORSE factory, a project that will be presented on 28 February in a session in the Agora of the Telefónica stand at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), will be carried out on several decoys that the engine company itself is configuring to adapt Aristeo to its particular casuistry and to extract the maximum knowledge.

Aristeo’s potential lies mainly in the fact that, by using real hardware instead of virtualised environments, the platform has the ability to capture cyber threats that actually affect the industrial sector. This allows early identification of trends and even previously unknown vulnerabilities, extracting valuable information about the attacks received (their strengths, weaknesses and their behaviour in each part of the system through which they pass) so that companies can adopt or reinforce their cyber security measures in a preventive manner.

María Luisa Redondo, CIO of HORSE, said: “HORSE was born with the vocation of being a data-driven company and that is why cyber security is so important to us. Our processes are fully digitised and Aristeo provides us with a better preparation to defend ourselves against possible cyber-attacks. Having the support of a leader like Telefónica Tech gives us peace of mind and allows us to focus on developing our business: offering environmentally friendly mobility solutions that are accessible to the greatest number of people”.

Alberto Sempere, director of services, innovation and partnerships at Telefónica Tech, explained: “The digitisation and automation of industrial processes generate significant efficiencies in business, but can also, in many cases, provide a fast access route for cybercriminals. Aristeo will provide HORSE with extra predictive intelligence with trend analysis of real attacks to help them assess their protection levels and prevent potential attacks. The knowledge gained from this project will undoubtedly enhance Aristeo’s capabilities in the automotive field and strengthen the quality of its intelligence”.

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