Telefónica Tech protects more than 5,500 SMEs in the first year of its cybersecurity service ‘Tu Empresa Segura’

More than 25,000 users and 125,000 devices are protected thanks to 'Tu Empresa Segura', launched by Telefónica Tech a year ago to protect the digital activity of small and medium-sized companies.

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‘Tu Empresa Segura’, the cybersecurity service that Telefónica Tech launched a year ago to facilitate the secure digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises, now protects a total of 5,511 SMEs.

Telefónica Tech created this service in April 2021 with the aim of offering a high added value cybersecurity proposal to smaller companies or those with fewer resources and less capacity to hire qualified specialists in this area. Telefónica Tech currently provides security through ‘Tu Empresa Segura’ to more than 25,000 users and 125,000 devices using advanced technological tools to combat cyber-attacks and provide support and advice. The service also includes training and awareness-raising sessions on the importance of robust cybersecurity policies in companies.

“SMEs needed a solution like this to securely face the digital transformation of their businesses. Thanks to the technology and security implemented, many of them have managed to withstand the worst moments of the crisis and become stronger for the new digital world. We are very proud of the reception that ‘Tu Empresa Segura’ has had and it is only the beginning as we continue to add customers who trust us to protect them from cyber-attacks”, says Hugo de los Santos, director of new growth markets for Cybersecurity and Cloud at Telefónica Tech.

Telefónica Tech currently offers the ‘Tu Empresa Segura’ service in Spain through Telefónica Empresas, as well as in the Chilean market.

A service for SMEs

In recent years, cyber-attacks have become one of the main threats to the survival of small and medium-sized companies: 60% of SMEs that suffer a cyber-attack disappear in less than six months after the incident, costing them an average of 35,000 euros per attack.

To protect SMEs from this threat, Telefónica Tech has developed the ‘Tu Empresa Segura’ service, which consists of three packages (basic, advanced and premium) and includes the following benefits:

  • Protection against computer attacks and risk reduction through advice from Telefónica Tech’s consultancy and training team.
  • A flexible offer according to needs. The basic package, with a starting price of 3.99 euros per month per user, protects employees’ Internet browsing and e-mail in real time and provides anti-ransomware and anti-virus solutions. The advanced package, priced at EUR 5.99 per user per month and EUR 99 per site per month, also protects remote access to the corporate network for employees who are teleworking and provides cybersecurity training for all employees. And the premium package, from €8.99 per month per user plus €160 per site per month, also incorporates protection of cloud services and a cloud platform to ensure the application of security policies among employees.
  • Monitoring service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with experts from the Telefónica Tech SME Security Centre and additional remote assistance. The service allows queries and requests for help to be made through a multi-channel system (web portal and e-mail) and provides users with basic instructions from the SME Security Centre to protect the company (helping with installation, configuration and start-up) and to maintain and manage security systems. 
  • Facilitate teleworking of staff. The service offers protection for employees accessing their workstation via remote desktops.


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