Telefónica Tech evolves its vulnerability management for web applications

• The company boots its vulnerability scanning and analysis capabilities with the launch of 'Web Application Scanning 2.0.', a service based on Tenable technology that will allow companies to optimise the protection of their data and systems.

Telefónica Tech transforms its vulnerability management service for web applications

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Telefónica Tech evolves its Vulnerability Risk Management solution (NextDefense-VRM) and launches globally ‘Web Application Scanning 2.0.’, a new advanced scanning and analysis service that will help companies to identify and correct security vulnerabilities in their web applications.

‘Web Application Scanning 2.0.’ service is based on technology from Tenable, the Exposure Management Company, and is designed to meet the evolving cybersecurity needs of enterprises.

Telefónica Tech thus offers an accurate and detailed web application vulnerability scanning and analysis solution, making it easier for companies to identify them and take immediate action to protect their data and systems, helping them to make informed decisions on how to improve the security of their web applications and comply with the security regulations and standards to which they are subject.

The Vulnerability Risk Management (VRM) solution, in which the new ‘Web Application Scanning 2.0.’ service is integrated, is part of the NextDefense next-generation cybersecurity services brand that Telefónica Tech launched two years ago to provide large companies with a modern, effective and intelligent cyber-attack detection and response capability.

Juan Campillo, Cybersecurity Product Manager at Telefónica Tech, said: “Our Web Application Scanning 2.0. service represents an important evolution of our web application vulnerability detection capabilities and is a key part of our NextDefense Vulnerability Risk Management (VRM) services transformation strategy. With this evolution we take another step forward in our commitment to provide our customers with the most advanced security solutions to effectively protect their data and systems”. “Organizations continue to face a challenge in securing modern web applications as developers build increasingly complex business applications”, explains Guy March, senior director of EMEA Channels at Tenable. He adds: “Security leaders need visibility into the security of their web applications as part of a comprehensive exposure management program. Our partnership with Telefónica Tech will enable organisations to assess their entire online portfolio, achieving high detection rates with minimal false positives and negatives, ensuring security teams understand the true cyber risks their web applications present”.


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