Telefónica strengthens its Big Data capabilities with the integration of Synergic Partners

- Synergic Partners is a Spanish consulting firm specialising in advanced data analytics and a pioneer in the development of Big Data strategic solutions worldwide. - The company will continue to...

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– Synergic Partners is a Spanish consulting firm specialising in advanced data analytics and a pioneer in the development of Big Data strategic solutions worldwide.
– The company will continue to operate independently and will bring high value propositions to Telefónica in the development of different Big Data projects.

Madrid, November 12, 2015.- Telefónica has today announced the integration of Synergic Partners to the Group, firmly committing to a joint project in the field of advanced data analysis. Synergic Partners is a Spanish company specializing in Big Data, Data Science and Data Engineering, recognised worldwide as one of the top 20 companies in the field.*

The company, with offices in Madrid and Barcelona, will continue to operate its portfolio of clients independently, managed by its founding partners. From Telefónica’s global BI&BD (Business Intelligence & Big Data) department, Synergic Partners will become a key contributor to the development of projects both in Spain as well as in the rest of Europe and Latin America thereby enabling companies to enhance the strategic value of their data.

Created in 2007 by Carme Artigas and Jaume Agut, Synergic Partners has extensive knowledge and expertise in the fields of management, governance and data analytics, helping companies in particularly strategic areas such as digital transformation; improvement of client knowledge; financial governance; control and risk prevention and regulatory compliance. Since its foundation, the firm has developed specific solutions for the most important Spanish corporations.

“This partnership represents a great leap forward in our strategy of consolidation, growth and international expansion,” pointed out Carme Artigas and Jaume Agut, founding partners of Synergic Partners. “The experience and knowledge accumulated over the years, along with the capabilities resulting from being part of the Telefónica Group, constitute a solid base for us to focus on the purpose of turning Synergic Partners into the leading Spanish company in Big Data on an international level”, state the partners.

“Advanced analysis and value extraction of Big Data extraction is one of Telefónica priorities. Synergic’s integration will allow us to enhance our analytical ability to anticipate the needs of our customers and offer them the personalized services being requested faster; and at the same time to capture important external business opportunities in this sector” said Eduardo Navarro, Commercial Digital Managing Director of Telefónica.

(*) CIOstory “Big Data Special 2014”

About Telefónica

Telefónica is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world in terms of market capitalisation and number of customers. With its best in class mobile, fixed and broadband networks, and innovative portfolio of digital solutions, Telefónica is transforming itself into a ‘Digital Telco’, a company that will be even better placed to meet the needs of its customers and capture new revenue growth.

The company has a significant presence in 21 countries and a customer base of over 327 million accesses around the world. Telefónica has a strong presence in Spain, Europe and Latin America, where the company focuses an important part of its growth strategy.

Telefónica is a 100% listed company, with more than 1.5 million direct shareholders. Its share capital currently comprises 4.864.341. 251 ordinary shares traded on the Spanish Stock Market and on those in London, New York, Lima, and Buenos Aires.

About Synergic Partners

Synergic Partners, with more than seventy highly specialized professionals in advanced data analysis, is the number one consultancy in Spain and one of the 20 most important companies worldwide for the development of big data solutions and services.

As part of their support for the development and formation of the big data sector, Synergic Partners is the only European company associated with Columbia University, working directly with the Data Science Institute, the first institute worldwide dedicated to the training of big data professionals. In that capacity, Synergic Partners is able to contribute practical knowledge of the market at the highest levels.

In addition, Synergic Partners takes a proactive role in projects for organizations such as the European Commission and the CEOE, promoting growth in the sector and sponsoring events dedicated exclusively to delving further into this discipline, such as Big Data Week or Strata + Hadoop World among others.

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