Telefónica starts smart networks development

In partnership with Juniper Networks AI and machine learning applied to the network will allow self-configuration, self-diagnosis and self-correction. This is the first step towards...

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In partnership with Juniper Networks

  • AI and machine learning applied to the network will allow self-configuration, self-diagnosis and self-correction.
  • This is the first step towards the construction of an autonomous networks model based on the transfer of knowledge to machines.

Madrid, 5th November 2017.- Telefónica has started to develop its machine learning and artificial intelligence-based control systems on its network with the aim of advancing its self-management, thereby providing its users with the very best quality and experience.

Juniper Networks, a leader within the sector in providing secure, scalable and automatic networks, cooperates with Telefónica in the development and implementation of a Self-Driving Network™ (smart/self-managed) with mechanisms based on the transfer of knowledge to the network for its self-configuration, self-monitoring and self-diagnosis. It will also be able to self-correct potential incidents, identifying them even before they have an impact on the service to customers.

For Telefónica, autonomous networks are the evolution axis of its project to transform its connectivity networks in order to increase the network’ security, reliability and robustness. This project is part of an Ultra-Broadband network profound transformation process, with extensive deployments of fibre and mobile, as well as its transport network.

Telefónica is currently working on tools and processes to develop use cases to optimize the network management with machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, in order to ensure speed, efficiency and accuracy in its decision-making. In addition, processes are also being developed to move forward in the self-diagnosis and self-correction of potential incidents on the connectivity networks.

Joaquín Mata, Director of Operations and Network at Telefónica Spain, said: “Juniper Networks is helping us to contextualize the next step in the evolution of our Fusion network, ensuring we always have the necessary resources and that we are able to offer the best service experience to our customers within a dynamic environment. The adoption of techniques based on machine learning, artificial intelligence and control systems will guarantee our compliance with the most appropriate parameters for the requested service in terms of latency, speed and any other relevant aspect. In addition, as they are monitored and analysed in real time, they can be controlled according with the needs of any moment.”

Kireeti Kompella, Engineering CTO at Juniper Networks, explained: “the Self-Driving Network vision has been conceived by Juniper Networks as a predictive and autonomous network, adaptable to the context of the moment. Juniper’s solution fits in with Telefónica’s vision of a network which can be self-configured, monitored, managed and corrected, with self-defence and the capacity for self-analysis, with very little human intervention. This helps to simplify the programming and management tasks which are currently performed, allowing the reorientation of its personnel towards services’ innovation.”

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