Telefónica presents 93 success stories at MWC with its proposals for transforming companies

• The company strengthens its participation in Mobile World Congress with 11 transformation digital handbooks that include its technological and digital proposals in sectors such as tourism, health, sports, leisure, and sustainability.
• Telefónica's solutions provide cost savings and greater efficiency and security in the companies that apply its technological and digital services.

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Telefónica will participate in the current edition of the Mobile World Congress (MWC), to be held between February 28 and March 3 in Barcelona, with a complete proposal in which it will showcase up to 93 success stories with the solutions and services it makes available to companies and Public Administrations to advance in their digital transformation and take advantage of all the opportunities that the technological revolution offers. These success stories reinforce a historic presence, because Telefónica will display an unprecedented number of success stories in all its previous participations.

These 93 experiences will be collected in 11 transformation digital handbooks that show, in detail, the solutions and services that the company offers to different industries and sectors.

These transformation digital handbooks will be available on Telefónica’s MWC site. These proposals address such relevant sectors and trends as mobility (‘Smart Mobility’), building and facilities management (‘Smart Buildings’), health (‘eHealth’), innovation (‘Open Innovation’), education (‘Digital Education’), the world of SMEs (‘Digital SMEs’), industry (‘Smart Industry’), tourism (‘Smart Tourism’), sports (‘Sports Tech’), leisure and entertainment (‘Digital Home’) and sustainability (‘Technology for green’).

The transformation handbooks are contents, enriched with explanatory videos and additional information, that collect success stories to show how the application of cutting-edge technologies such as 5G and Egde Computing transforms hotels, factories or ports; how technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud or Cybersecurity contribute to decarbonization and the reduction of environmental impact, to work remotely in a safe way or to the development of smart cities. Examples of how these solutions allow companies to develop their activity in a more digital, efficient, and sustainable way.

Inclusive, fair, and sustainable digitalization

Aware that the time for digital transformation is now, Telefónica develops in these 93 success stories its experience, its capacity, and its commitment so that companies, public administrations, and society as a whole can benefit from the opportunities that digitalization and connectivity offer.

Industrial examples include the port of Bilbao, where, thanks to technologies such as Edge Computing and Deep Learning, a new system for real-time identification and analysis of vehicles and containers entering the port has been implemented, improving the safety and efficiency of goods transport in its facilities. Together with Navantia, with Telefónica Tech as a technology partner, we implemented a reinforced cybersecurity system in the S-80 class submarines. Or the success case of Gestamp, which, thanks to the new connectivity and computing capabilities offered by Telefónica through 5G and Edge Computing, has taken another step towards digital transformation, creating the first factory digitized with 5G in Spain to improve the management of industrial processes.

Another sector marked by innovation is healthcare, where Quirónsalud Málaga recently performed one of the first assisted operations in Spain with 5G technology and Virtual Reality. In the field of sustainability, this handbook includes the case of La Marina de Valencia, which is working to convert its traditional electricity and water supply poles into advanced and intelligent points thanks to 5G, IoT and Blockchain. This will allow them to be remotely managed with full cybersecurity guarantees while providing metrics and consumption analysis. A demo of this pilot will be visible at Telefónica’s physical stand at MWC and in its temporary version in the metaverse.

The 93 success stories are an example of how Telefónica puts technology at the service of people and the protection of the planet, reducing the environmental impact and offering our customers solutions that allow them to develop their activity in a more efficient and sustainable way.

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