Destination Net Zero: Telefónica’s seven priorities for 2023

We have held our 13th Global Energy and Climate Change Workshop

Maya Ormazabal

Maya Ormazabal

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Telefónica’s Global Energy and Climate Change Workshop is synonymous with innovation, commitment and sustainability. Each year it’s even more special due to our pride in what has been achieved and to the challenges being faced, which are getting bigger and bigger. And so are we. This is the conclusion reached by the nearly 200 professionals from various fields who gathered this year, together with our technology partners, in Valencia (Spain). are doing very well. The winners of the Energy and Climate Change Awards 2022 prove it. But we need to achieve more in a world marked by the energy crisis and the urgent need to accelerate the digital and green “twin transition”. So these are our priorities for the next “school year”, so that we can hit our environmental targets and much more!

    • Further emissions reductions: it’s not enough to reduce the CO2 from electricity as seen on the workshop; we have to eliminate refrigerant gases and fossil fuels. Operations such as Virgin Media O2 are using electric vehicles in their fleet and Telefónica Brazil is using biofuels. We also need to get our suppliers to commit to reducing their emissions and comply with the Paris Agreement.
    • More fibre, 5G and more shutdowns: we’re working towards more autonomous and efficient networks. We are also speeding up the shutdown process for everything that isn’t in use: 3G in Germany, copper and refrigeration equipment in Spain, the Dalia project in Mexico and other shutdowns in Latin America, to name a few.
    • More energy efficiency with partners: we encourage countries to use more free cooling and enter into ESaaS (Energy Savings as a Service) agreements with suppliers, plus, in general, make carbon pricing a key factor in more purchases.
    • More long-term agreements involving renewables (PPAs). Let’s also move forward with more self-generation. All this helps us reduce emissions and shield ourselves from rising electricity prices. It also contributes to increasing the energy matrix of the countries where we are generating a significant local impact.   
    • More reuse for zero waste: we are committed to being a more circular company, in our business models and also in the materials and equipment management. We need to make a major leap forward in eco-design and reuse, to have zero waste by 2030.
    • More Eco Smart solutions for our customers: energy efficiency is a priority for all. In 2023 we see great potential for smart cities, smart buildings, e-health and the industrial sector to take advantage of our green services Solar 360, contributing to reducing emissions from other sectors.
    • More sustainable finance: we’re pioneers in the sector, and next year there will be new opportunities at both corporate and local level, as experts estimate that one third of investments will have ESG criteria by 2025.

We could go on and on because what we’re really talking about is a change in model at the company. Purchasing, investments, events, services… everything can be made more efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly, like the workshop pointed. And each of us can have an influence on our areas of activity and responsibility, because #EverythingIsConnected and makes a difference. Thank you for your support.


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