ECC Awards 2022: energy and climate change awards for a greener Telefónica

The Energy and Climate Change (ECC) Awards bring us closer to the people and initiatives at the heart of the company's roadmap to net zero emissions.

Nilmar Seccomandi

Nilmar Seccomandi

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Its goal is to build a greener future. To this end, Telefónica is steadily reducing its footprint and helping to decarbonise the economy. Its employees and technology partners make this possible. They excel year after year, as the Energy and Climate Change (ECC) Awards show.

These awards, presented at the end of Telefónica’s 13th annual Energy and Climate Change Workshop, recognise the work done by our colleagues towards achieving the company’s environmental targets.

Winning projects:

    • Renewable Energy Procurement Project: all of Telefónica Chile’s consumption now comes from renewable energy sources, equivalent to 267 GWh, thanks to the acquisition of 190 GWh through International Renewable Energy Certificates (i-RECs).
    • Best Energy Efficiency Project: Telefónica Germany has implemented, in collaboration with Huawei and Nokia, several energy saving functionalities (PSFs) in 4G/5G networks with consumption savings of up to 10%. Tests of Artificial Intelligence tools, which we will shortly deploy on the network, have yielded additional savings of up to 9%, guaranteeing a good customer experience.
    • Best Scope 3 Project: Telefónica Brazil is developing its own Supply Chain Carbon Programme to help suppliers reduce their emissions. To this end, it has conducted an assessment of climate action maturity- 76% of which do not yet calculate their emissions level- in order to come up with ways to support them so that no suppliers are left behind in the race to net zero.
    • Best Environmental Project: in recent years, Telefónica Spain has promoted a circular economy for customer equipment. Return processes have been put in place, channelling the equipment to the reverse logistics warehouse in León, which allows it to be given a second life or recycled. In addition, it has strengthened its buyback programme by including more devices, in-app evaluations and home collection.
    • Energy Manager: Jussara Tassini, from Telefónica Brazil, stands out for the purchases of renewable energy in the incentivised free market and the distributed generation project, with almost 710 GWh under contract, 81% at low voltage and representing 38% of the company’s total consumption, achieving double-digit savings and a reduction in the purchase of i-RECs. She has also promoted energy efficiency projects such as Energy Savings as a Service (ESaaS).
    • Best Technological Innovation Project: Comerc has created a technology hub called Energía V, offering renewable energy to Telefónica Brazil’s customers with guaranteed savings, without any investment. The company has partnered with distributed generation consortia through a fully digital experience that combines sustainability with financial benefits.
    • Environmental Team: on this occasion, the prize was awarded to the multidisciplinary team from the operations and quality areas of Telefónica Spain, for integrating the environmental strategy into building management, with achievements such as switching off air-conditioning machines as part of the Milles plan. This has reduced emissions of refrigerant gases, saved 16 GWh in annual energy consumption and maintenance, and promoted the circular economy through the reuse of equipment. The award was collected by Isabel Taboada, Ester Getino and Andrés Ceballo on behalf of the entire team.
    • Special Category: the award went to TGS for being an area that constantly supports us in fulfilling the company’s targets, thanks to its expertise, management, professionalism and judgement, encompassing energy purchases, PPAs, renewable certificates, self-generation under the CapEx and OpEx (on-site PPA) model and projects under the ESaaS model, among other aspects.

In short, commitment and innovation towards an increasingly green Telefónica. #EverythingIsConnected


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