The role of the telecoms sector in accelerating the European recovery

The sector points out the need to support digital technology as a key lever to ensure a strong and sustainable recovery.

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ETNO and GSMA unveiled today the vision of the telecommunications industry and the role of the sector in accelerating European recovery. They stress the importance of prioritising digital technology as a key lever to ensure a strong and sustainable recovery, which would also boost Europe’s competitiveness in sectors such as cloud and edge computing, among others. In the context of Europe’s recovery efforts, the telecoms industry calls for:


  • Support for 5G and fibre deployments, through a new comprehensive and harmonised approach that does not get lost in regulatory detail and really boosts “good pace” investments in networks. This new approach should ensure: a long-term vision for the timing and conditions of spectrum allocations (avoiding punitive charges that hinder investment); the promotion of RAN technology sharing agreements; adequate incentives for all fibre investment models, including co-investment; support for innovative infrastructure solutions (cloud, edge computing, …); reducing costs and simplifying authorisation/implementation procedures; and promoting open and interoperable interfaces, such as Open RAN.


  • Stimulate the adoption of technology, which includes promoting the use of the latest technologies by both citizens and industrial sectors. In this regard, priority should be given to the digital transformation of public services, health systems and education while specific measures should be taken to stimulate demand.


  • Fight against misinformation. In the face of misinformation about 5G network security, which has resulted in attacks on antennas in several countries, national governments are called upon to engage in broad and sustained communication campaigns, especially on social networks, to ensure access to factual, scientific and authoritative information on 5G.


  • Focus on digital training (digital skills and education). Europe must expand digital education and training programmes and dramatically increase funding in this area.


The role of telecoms sector in accelerating the European Recovery





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