“Telefónica has been and is a great world reference in the technology sector”, Jorge Martínez

Conoce a Jorge Martínez, de Operaciones, Red y TI en Telefonica España. Descubre su trayectoria profesional dentro de la empresa.

Conoce a Jorge Martínez, de Operaciones, Red y TI en Telefonica España.
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How long have you been with Telefónica and what is your assessment of your time here?

I have been with Telefónica since February of this year. My assessment of my incorporation is that it is a significant leap in all the areas that one wants to work in throughout one’s professional life and personal development, and because of my young age and my short work experience, I am very excited about everything that I can continue to learn.

Is there any project at Telefónica that you are particularly satisfied with or proud of?

At the moment, and because I have only been here for a short time, I have not been able to develop or be involved in any relevant project, but at the same time I am very eager and motivated for all the future projects that are coming up.

What do you think Telefónica has contributed since its inception?

Telefónica has been and continues to be a world reference in the technology sector, for its constant innovation, for its development in a multitude of areas and for its constant advances that society now recognises.

Where do you see Telefónica in the coming years?

It will continue to be at the top in terms of technology.

Could you live without a mobile phone?

I believe that the mobile device, fortunately or unfortunately, is now a fundamental part of any person’s life. It is such a complex and everyday tool that helps us to carry out any function that we perform on a day-to-day basis, by which I also mean that it is not a necessity, but we have adapted to the fact that its use is very traditional in everything.
It would do us as a society a lot of good to free ourselves a little from the mobile phone during our personal rest periods.

Help us solve one of humanity’s great enigmas: the potato omelette… With onion or without onion?

Of course and without any doubt, with onion.

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I would like to nominate Carlos Rodríguez Navas, as he has been a great help to me during my stay in Aravaca.

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