“Organizations must implement a data-centric strategy”

“To extract the maximum value of data, organizations must implement a data-centric strategy"

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To extract the maximum value of data, organizations must implement a data-centric strategy and develop new analytical skills that allow them to obtain greater knowledge of their business. This allows them to evolve from a reactive approach to a predictive approach. It is much more efficient,” said Carme Artigas, CEO of Synergic Partners, this week in the launch of a Big Data training program for leaders of public and private entities in six Latin American countries.

             Carme Artigas, CEO de Synergic Partners

On this occasion, the training was received by 200 officials Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in the Washington DC IDB offices. These employees have responsibilities in the strategic leadership of their business areas or provide advice to customers of the Bank in Latin America.

The program is framed within the strategic agreement between Telefónica and the IDB to boost the digital transformation, and promote the data economy in Latin America, through new collaboration projects. The program has a duration of three days and will be developed for small groups of executives in the coming months. It consists of two main initiatives:

  • Big Data Online Training – development and implementation of a MOOC consisting in an online training course developed by experts at Synergic Partners. Its goal is to allow students to learn about the value of data, the basics of Big Data, and its opportunities to advance a strategy and an implementation of a Data Driven change of the organizations where they work.
  • Big Data Leadership Program – a seminar designed for managers and executives who are responsible for the strategy of their business areas, and who are interested in expanding their analytical capacities beyond Business Intelligence, and improving their decision making skills based on data in a practical manner.

In the event, the bank’s Knowledge Sector Manager, Basañes, said that “Big Data is not just a technological change, but a cultural transformation of companies and public administrations. It’s necessary to develop capabilities and success stories that invigorate the Latin American sector in order to accelerate this cultural change”.

In January 2017, we formalized the renewal of the Strategic Alliance Agreement for promoting socio-economic and digital transformation development programs and projects in six, non-exhaustive,lines of cooperation: Big Data, Entrepreneurship, Digital Economy, Broadband Policies, Inclusive Educational Development, Health and Safety, and Smart Cities. IDB and Telefónica currently have several open lines of collaboration. Different units and directorates both in the IDB and Telefónica maintain a fluid and permanent dialogue in order to exchange knowledge and explore collaboration projects.
The IDB works to improve the quality of life in Latin America and the Caribbean through financial and technical support to those countries that are working to reduce poverty and inequality.


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