Molluscs in Distrito Telefónica

In the Telefónica District we find a great biodiversity of animals. On this occasion, we will take a look at the variety of molluscs, more specifically gastropods.

In the Telefónica District we find a great biodiversity of animals. We will be describing them from the less visible ones such as insects or molluscs to the more visible and audible ones such as birds.
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Among the molluscs are the Gastropods from the Greek ‘Gastero’ stomach, and ‘podo’ foot.


They are aquatic or terrestrial molluscs with a large, muscular foot by means of which they perform crawling movements. Their body is usually protected by a shell, almost always coiled in a spiral, of a single piece with variable shapes and sizes depending on the species.

Within the Gastropods, snails and slugs comprise more than 75,000 living species distributed throughout the world.

In the Telefónica District we can find many different types of gastropods, although not all of them can be seen with the naked eye. To see some you have to move stones and for others you have to sift through the soil and need a magnifying glass to see them.

The ones that can be seen with the naked eye are the ones you can see in the photos.

I would like to thank my colleague at Telefónica Miguel Carillo Pacheco for his comments. They allowed me to improve this entry on Gastropods and on the other hand they have helped me to classify much better the species of which I present photos.


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