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Salvador Pérez

Salvador Pérez

Compliance, Secretary General and Regulation

Compliance specialist and lawyer. Voracious reader and full-time pilgrim.

I joined Telefónica Móviles when digital mobile telephony was still the young promise that was beginning to gallop and, until recently, analogue telephony had been the established one….. I have seen technologies, products and services, even advertising, parade by. The landscape passes quickly through the window at Telefónica.

Although the present is always fast-paced, this succession of “current events” that follow one after the other, that pass quickly, is a feature of “the house” and I have discovered it as a value, something that is not experienced everywhere. During the time that Telefónica and I have spent together since I started, I have gone through a number of areas, functions, competencies, realities, personal groups, situations and so on. That experience is privileged didactic.


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