Nicole Prüße

Nicole Prüße

Employee Relations & Engagement at Telefónica Germany

My name is Nicole Prüße and I studied a Master’s Degree in Pedagogic and Work & Organizational Psychology. I have been working at Telefónica Germany in the context of Sales & Marketing, Learning and Development, Talentmanagement, Employee Relations and Engagement and Organization Performance. 

I deal with the question of what enables and strengthens people and organizations to achieve performance and be engaged. The topic of performance in the sense of accomplishment is one important pillar in the area of Positive Psychology for well-being. People feel self-efficacious when they can utilize their strengths and achieve their goals. A “mindset of tomorrow” is beneficial for this. 

Over the years I have deepened my development as a Systemic Business Coach, Trainer and Practitioner of Positive Psychology. 

 I’m passionate about unleashing peoples` strength and how to use the opportunities of communication and Positive Psychology to let people, society and organizations thrive. 


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