Francisco José Torre

Francisco José Torre


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    I come from a village in the north-east of Jaén (Villacarrillo), and from a time when parents deprived themselves of whims to be able to send their children to university.

    I studied Physical Sciences at a time when, when you told people, they would reply: "Physics? Ah, Chemistry! What's the point of that?  When I started working, about to join an armaments company, the opportunity arose to work as an intern in a subsidiary of Telefónica (Telefónica Sistemas) and my conscience made me choose it. During that time, a competitive examination was held to join Telefónica, which I managed to pass. My first assignment was in León, in Planning and Coordination of Installations, and after a little over a year there, the opportunity arose to move closer to my homeland, although not in my own province, but in the province next door: Córdoba, where I have lived for more than thirty-four years, and always working in Demand Forecasting; at first analysing time series, and in recent years working with Geographic Information Systems. I have been lucky enough to work with people from whom I have learned a lot.


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