Procurement Model

What we buy?

  • Core Network (Voice, Data Private Networks, Sub-System Core, Signaling and Virtualized Network).
  • Transport Networks (Radio, Optical, Submarine, Security, IP, Control, Network Services -Transport and Core).
  • Platforms.
  • Operation and Management Tools.
  • Network and Technology Services (Technical Support Services, Monitoring, Operation and Maintenance).
  • Mobile and Fixed Access.
  • Infrastructure (Terrestrial & Submarine, Mobile and Fixed).

  • Indirect services (Consultancy, Social Services, Vehicles and Maintenance, Document handling services, Security services, Facility Management).
  • Logistics.
  • External Services (Customer Care and Sales, Supplies).
  • Specialized Services (Real state services, Scrab and recycling, Testing Labs).
  • Telecommunication services (Professional services, Network connectivity, Satellites).
  • Telecommunication infrastructure (Technical space rental, Satellites, Rental and Sales of sites)
  • Property works.

  • Infrastructure (External Plant, Contact Center, Connectivity Solutions, Audiovisual equipment)
  • Residential/Consumer Goods (Home Devices, IoT, Connectivity Solutions, Audiovisual equipment, Office Material and Supplies, Business Cars, Furniture, Clothing, Security and Medical Material
  • B2B Segment (Devices, IoT, Connectivity Solutions, Voice Solutions, Cybersecurity, HW Workplace, Data Storage/Management, IT SW, Public Cloud, Videoconference and Telepresence, Contact Center)
  • B2C services.

  • Software IT (Telco/Enterprise Management, Datacenter Management, Cibersecurity, Workplace).
  • Computer infrastructure (Microcomputer, Mainframes, Data Center Distributed System, Data Center Peripherals, Public cloud IaaS/PaaS).
  • Application Development and Maintenance (ADM).
  • Production Services.

  • Audience Buying (media and performance).
  • Agency Remuneration (Media, Advertising and Branding, Public Relationship).
  • Production: Audiovisual, Relational and Prototypes.
  • Research (Global Research, AD-HOC, Multiclient, Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Mistery Shopper, Media Measurement).
  • Digital Marketing, Media, Communication, Social Media, Research, Audience & Marketing Data Tools.

  • Cellular Phones and Accessories (GSM / UMTS / LTE / 5G) and Tablets.
  • Cellular Phones CDMA.
  • Second-hand Devices
  • Equipment under leasing conditions or other financial alternatives.
  • Other Connected Devices (USB modems, fixed wireless phones and terminals, wearables, VR, drones …).

How we buy?

We rely on a unique company Procurement model that is characterized by global procurement management from Telefónica Global Services, in coordination with local procurement teams in each country. This model is aligned with our Responsible Business Principles and is based on transparency, equal opportunities, objectivity in taking decision and sustainable management of our supply chain.

We require 100% of our suppliers to conduct their business accordingly with ethical standards similar to our own, ensuring compliance with fundamental human and labor rights, as well as environmental protection.

Where we buy?

Telefónica is present in the following countries:

  • Spain
  • Mexico
  • Colombia
  • Brazil
  • Ecuador
  • Argentina
  • Germany
  • Peru
  • Uruguay
  • UK
  • Chile
  • Venezuela
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