Contracting policies and conditions

All our suppliers must accept our contracting policies and conditions.

Supply Chain Sustainability Policy 

Telefónica promotes, establishes and maintains high standards of liability with respect to its suppliers, promoting the compliance with ethical, social, environmental and privacy standards.

We reserve the right not to maintain or suspend business relationships with companies in which there are significant demonstrable violations of the Principles indicated in this Policy.

Anticorruption Policy

One of the principles reflected in our Business Principles, as well as in our Anticorruption Policy, is our zero-tolerance commitment to corruption.

General Conditions for the Supply of Goods and Services

Telefonica establishes the General Conditions that will apply to all supplies of goods and/or the provision of services by its suppliers, who must accept them through Telefonica’s Procurement platform.

Value Chain

Standard Purchasing Terms and Conditions

(Telefónica UK only)

Quality & Sustainability Schedule

(Telefónica UK only)

To minimize quality and sustainability risks, Quality & Sustainability Schedule (QSS 0) defines our minimum requirements for the delivery of products and services and in the absence of a contract specific QSS it will apply to the delivery of all products and services.

Security Schedule

(Telefónica UK only)

Information is a major asset in today’s business environment the management and protection of information is vital to our continued and future success. Be it sensitive customer information, employee information, performance metrics, management evaluations or design information for a new product or service. As a supplier for Telefonica UK adherence to the Security Schedule is mandatory.

Data Retention Policy

(Telefónica UK only)

Telefónica Europe’s suppliers/partners who handle Telefónica Europe data are required to comply with the Information Retention Policy. This policy document provides guidance to Telefónica Europe’s suppliers on how long certain types of data need to be securely retained and stored for, whether paper or electronic. The law requires us to keep certain types of corporate records for specified periods of time. Failure to retain records for these periods could subject us to penalties and fines, cause the loss of rights or seriously disadvantage us in litigation. Records no longer required for business or legal purpose should be securely destroyed. The required retention period for specific record types can be found here Data Retention Schedule

PLEASE NOTE – You should note the following exception to any published document retention policy:

If records are or may be relevant to litigation or potential litigation then you must preserve those records until the Telefónica Europe Legal department informs you that they are no longer needed.

Pre–employment Screening Requirements

(Telefónica UK only)

It’s important that Telefónica UK suppliers conduct best practice employee screening for their employees who work on the Telefónica UK contract. This helps to ensure a high standard of integrity amongst employees of our third party suppliers as required to meet our commitments to our customers, and in line with industry and Government agreements.

The ‘insider threat’ is a growing one and these requirements will help to reduce the risk of unauthorised and criminal behavior being carried out by trusted supplier staff against Telefónica UK.

Concern and Whistleblowing Channel

Here you can consult any aspect related to Telefónica’s Responsible Business Principles and its associated policies.
More info about Concern and Whistleblowing Channel