Contracting policies and conditions

All our suppliers must accept our contracting policies and conditions.

Supply Chain Sustainability Policy 

Telefónica promotes, establishes and maintains high standards of liability with respect to its suppliers, promoting the compliance with ethical, social, environmental and privacy standards.

We reserve the right not to maintain or suspend business relationships with companies in which there are significant demonstrable violations of the Principles indicated in this Policy.

Anticorruption Policy

One of the principles reflected in our Business Principles, as well as in our Anticorruption Policy, is our zero-tolerance commitment to corruption.

Integrity information for Suppliers

This commitment translates into the strengthening of standards of compliance with mandatory regulations and best ethical business practices.

General Conditions for the Supply of Goods and Services

Telefonica establishes the General Conditions that will apply to all supplies of goods and/or the provision of services by its suppliers, who must accept them through Telefonica’s Procurement platform.

Value Chain

Telefonica UK Limited Supplier contracting policies and conditions

  • Standard Purchasing Terms and Conditions
  • Quality & Sustainability Schedule
  • Security Schedule
  • Data Retention Policy
  • Pre–employment Screening Requirements

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Whistleblowing and Queries Channel

Here you can consult any aspect related to Telefónica’s Responsible Business Principles and its associated policies.
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