Today, health care faces considerable challenges. Health care spending accounts for 7.3% of GDP in the EU (EU-27), 1,843 euros per inhabitant. The ageing of the population and the prevalence of chronic diseases, which absorb around three quarters of a country’s health care spending, increase the need for health care.


Innovation and the intelligent use of ICTs make it possible to successfully tackle these challenges. Thus, for example, the adoption of mHealth (health care through mobile technologies)could reduce the annual spending on health care in Europe by almost €100 billion and add €93 billion to the GDP by 2017.

The health sensors market connected to mobile applications expect an annual growth of 69% ( CAGR) over the next five years, to 5.600 million dollars, according to data from the consulting Statista.

As part of our commitment to contribute to improving people’s lives, we at Telefónica are helping to develop a new, more connected and sustainable health management model.


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Thus, we have solutions to help patients, professionals and the operators/providers of health care services to be more.We will now take a look at some examples conceived with the patients in mind:

  • Telehealth

    Based on the new technologies, this service enables you to access your daily medical agenda (with times for the taking of tests, medicines, consultations, etc.) and send your medical parameters and symptoms in a precise, secure manner. In this way, you can maintain fluid communication with your medical professionals, receive information and advice, and access educational contents which will help you to prevent and avoid possible deterioration of your health.

    With Remote Management of Patients, it improves the control of conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart failure and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Your doctors are always informed of the evolution of your clinical parameters, which enables them to anticipate and adapt the treatment to your needs at all times, thus fomenting your autonomy and giving you the peace of mind of knowing that you are always attended to. The successful case of the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona (Parc Salut Mar) showed that the remote monitoring of chronic patients reduces the number of collapses (77%), readmission into hospital (43%), days in hospital (63%) and mortality (34%). This Telefónica service has also made it possible for people with diabetes to reach the base camp of Everest safe in the knowledge that their clinical parameters are remotely supervised by medical professionals.

    Por otra parte, la puesta en marcha del programa ValCrònic ha conseguido reducir en un 52%  las urgencias de atención primaria a pacientes crónicos por descompensación y en un 30% las visitas al hospital por el mismo motivo en la Comunidad Valenciana.

    El  caso de éxito del Hospital del Mar en Barcelona  (Parc Salut Mar), mostró que el seguimiento remoto de los pacientes crónicos reduce el número de descompensaciones (77%), reingresos hospitalarios (43%), días de hospitalización (63%) y mortalidad (34%).


    Este servicio de Telefónica también ha hecho posible que personas diabéticas lleguen al campamento base del Everest con tranquilidad, al estar sus parámetros clínicos supervisados en remoto por profesionales médicos.

  • Telecare

    Thanks to a wide range of mobile devices and specific, discrete terminals such as a pendant or a bracelet, with mobile teleassistance we take care of you at all times and at any place.


    This service gives both you and your relatives the peace of mind of always being attended to and located: you can generate an alarm simply by pressing a button, and a call is automatically generated which puts you in contact with an emergency centre or with your relatives. In addition, you can be rapidly located and attended to if you suffer a fall or any other kind of problem.

  • Health IT

    Digital Hospital
    Technology which enables internal healthcare processes to be controlled, and which facilitates access to patient information by doctors, wherever they are.
    Digital Medical Image
    Our service in the cloud makes it possible to manage all the image diagnosis activities of one or more associated medical centres, improving the accessibility and the quality of the diagnostic services, as the images and reports are available in real time, both inside and outside the centre where they were carried out.

    This facilitates collaboration among professionals in the diagnosis (second opinion) and improves the attention given to the patient. Thus, the Digital Medical Image avoids the need to repeat medical tests and your diagnosis can be more complete, faster and more exhaustive.

    Management of Demand

    Accessing your medical centre, via the Internet or from your mobile, at any time and from any place, to request an appointment, receive a medical consultation or attention in the case of an emergency, is possible thanks toManagement of Demand. Its successful use by the health care services of Castile-Leon (Sacyl), in Spain, shows that with our service 66% of appointments are made automatically and the levels of user satisfaction approach 100%.

  • My Health

    Doctor on the Phone
    With this medical assistance service, you can receive help in emergency situations or answers to your doubts over the telephone, at any time and from wherever you want. In addition, Doctor on the Phone offers weekly advice via SMS to live a healthy life and improve your well-being.
    Personal Health Care Plans
    Thanks to our plans, you receive personalised recommendations via SMS to live a healthier life. With BEM ESTAR, you receive advice to learn to take care of yourself and your loved ones; with VIVO DIETA, you access an interactive plan to lose weight; and DISCOVERY FILHOS accompanies you from the time of your pregnancy until your child is 6 years old, with guidelines to ensure he or she grows up strong and healthy, and so you can complement their education.




Axismed, the largest company in the management of chronic patients in Brazil, forms part of Telefónica. The Brazilian company has extensive experience in the sector thanks to the monitoring of over 180,000 patients throughout the country by using a proprietary system based on advanced clinical protocols. Its portfolio of clients includes some of the main Brazilian private health care operators, which, thanks to Axismed’s services, have managed to reduce the costs associated with their chronic patients by up to 30%.

Telefónica I+D

Telefónica R&D


Telefónica R&D has participated in a number of European eHealth research projects: HELP and REMPARK, for the remote monitoring of motor symptoms and remote management of the treatment of this disease; and Mobilesage, to design the first mobile on-demand assistance service, conceived specifically for the elderly, using proximity technologies such as NFC and QR codes.




The REMPARK system is composed by a device similar to the size of a mobile, which the patient wears tight to his waist with a belt biocompatible. This device acts as a sensor that measures, processes and transmits information related to the motor symptoms experienced by the patient. The “holter” of Parkinson, one of its derived capabilities, will revolutionize the diagnosis and self-management of the disease by monitoring objective, accurate and noninvasive motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.