• Telefónica contributes to reforesti...

    Telefónica contributes to reforesting a wood in Palencia with BMC Software

    Telefónica, along with BMC Software, a world leader in IT solutions for digital enterprises, has announced that it is using the BMC Helix platform for its Telefónica Global Solutions (TGS) and Telefónica Tech business areas, and in its Telefónica Empresas ‘Tu Experto Tecnológico’ (Telefónica Enterprises ‘Your Technology Expert’) service.

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  • Movistar adds Wi-Fi network parenta...

    Movistar adds Wi-Fi network parental control to its Smart WiFi mobile app

    Movistar has added to its free Smart WiFi app, which enables to manage home connectivity from the mobile phone, the "Profiles” feature, a parental control that enables to create users for family members, assign devices to each of them and set disconnection times. In addition, the customers can pause or resume the connection of each profile or the devices assigned to them at any time, always from the mobile app.

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  • Telefónica Tech partners with Fiboc...

    Telefónica Tech partners with Fibocom and to bring IoT solutions integrated with Blockchain

    Telefónica Tech, the Unit that encompasses the digital businesses of Cloud, Cybersecurity and IoT & Big Data & Blockchain; Fibocom Wireless Inc., a leading global supplier of wireless communication modules and solutions in the sector of IoT, and, a technology start-up focusing on the integrated innovation of IoT and Blockchain have signed a collaboration partnership to create joint solutions combining IoT and Blockchain technologies.

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  • Wayra endorses gaming by organising...

    Wayra endorses gaming by organising an event with 14 funds for co-investments of up to €2M per startup

    Wayra, Telefónica’s open innovation hub, has held a further Co-investment Day designed to encourage co-investments of up to two million euros for each startup from the gaming sector taking part in the event. On this occasion the annual encounter with investors was held online at the Wayra hub in Madrid and for the first time it was geared towards this sector. Technological startups with mass products likely to revolutionise the world of eSports and video games were therefore sought.

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  • Wayra Builder creates Shaadow, the ...

    Wayra Builder creates Shaadow, the startup set to stop the leaking of confidential documents

    Wayra Builder, Telefónica’s initiative to promote startups stemming from the company’s in-house innovation projects, has created Shaadow. The new startup relies on a technology patented by ElevenPaths, Telefónica Tech’s cybersecurity company, which generates invisible watermarks on documents. The marks are associated with natural or legal persons, thus allowing their traceability. To track one it’s enough to take a photograph or scan the document. Unlike other existing technologies, it also provides the option of recovering the marks in both digital and physical formats.

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