The Basque Culinary Center launches a technological open-innovation challenge through Gipuzkoa Open Future_ to optimise inventory management

The Basque Culinary Center joins forces with Telefónica, its technological partner, and the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council to accelerate its digital transformation


  • It will be based on implementing a digital tool that enables innovation in stocktaking and locating non-food materials at its facilities
  • This is the second challenge set by Gipuzkoa Open Future_, an initiative implemented by the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council and Telefónica to support digital transformation processes in the catering industry, one of the key strategic fields in the region
  • The challenge is aimed at the entrepreneurial ecosystem, start-ups, SMEs, universities and technology centres, at local, state and international level
  • Candidates can submit their entries as of today and until 18 December through the Telefónica Open Future_ platform at the website, where the terms and conditions can be viewed.
  • The winners will be able to conduct a real pilot paid for by the Basque Culinary Center and obtain a prize of 15,000 euros awarded by the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council


Donostia, 13 November. The Basque Culinary Center (BCC) accelerates its digital transformation. The first Faculty of Culinary Sciences in Spain, and a worldwide academic benchmark in this field, has joined forces with Gipuzkoa Open Future_ – a Telefónica initiative, its technological partner, and the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council – to launch a technological challenge to help it improve its inventory management and foster excellence in educational experience, both for its students and the professionals who are part of the institution.

The challenge set by the Basque Culinary Center through Gipuzkoa Open Future_ (a programme created to galvanise talent and entrepreneurship in future strategic sectors in Gipuzkoa) seeks, among other goals, to discover an innovative system so that non-food materials are inventoried and their whereabouts located, preferably in real time. With this solution, it hopes to anticipate demand by improving the quality, monitoring and restocking of the materials, where appropriate.

Local, national and international entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, universities and technology centres wishing to take part in the challenge should submit their entries between today and 18 December through the Telefónica Open Future_ platform at the address

Among other benefits, the winner of the challenge will have the opportunity to conduct a real pilot of the winning solution with the Basque Culinary Center, funded by the BCC, and a prize of 15,000 euros awarded by the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council. In addition, provided they meet the conditions, they will be eligible for the financial aid regulated by the provincial institution to drive the creation of innovative enterprises, as well as innovation, investment and internationalisation of projects.

Among the phases of the challenge, the people behind the chosen projects will take part in an immersion session lasting three days around Gipuzkoa (Gipuzkoa Immersion Trip) subsidised by the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council, in which the participants and the Basque Culinary Center will be able to pool knowledge and boost co-creation and networking. Following the Gipuzkoa Immersion Trip, the selected projects will have an additional period in order to develop their solutions and submit them once again. These solutions will be defended during Demoday, where each team will provide a virtual pitch for their solution.



About the Basque Culinary Center

The Basque Culinary Center is a pioneering academic institution at a global level. Members of its Board of Trustees include Mondragon Unibertsitatea, eight of the best Basque chefs, leading companies in the food and drink sector, AZTI Tecnalia and Telefónica (which is also its technological partner). It also has an International Board involving eleven of the world's most influential chefs.

The goal of the Basque Culinary Center is higher education, research, innovation and promoting gastronomy and food. Since its inception in September 2011, the Basque Culinary Center has been working to become an international benchmark as well as to promote gastronomy as a tool for socio-economic development through the Faculty of Culinary Sciences and the Centre for Research and Innovation.


Gipuzkoa Open Future_

The Gipuzkoa Open Future_ programme is the result of the alliance between the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council and Telefónica to boost talent, entrepreneurship and digital transformation in strategic sectors of the future, that is, in cyber security, digitalisation of cuisine, sustainable mobility and biosciences, with special emphasis on medical devices.  IXO Grupo turned to this initiative in September to set the remarkably successful first challenge promoted by Gipuzkoa Open Future_.

Gipuzkoa Open Future_ combines the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council's interest in attracting talent and generating quality employment related to new technologies with the need for companies to digitalise their processes, an area in which Telefónica has extensive experience.



Maria Beloki, Communication Officer, Economic Advancement Department. Gipuzkoa Provincial Council

Telephone: 943113362


Rafael Ossa, Communication Officer, Telefónica

Telephone: 944883661



Patricia Gutiérrez, Director of Marketing and Communication of the Basque Culinary Center

Telephone: 943 574 517



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Twitter: Gipuzkoa Open Future @OpenFuture_Gip




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