Annual Reports

2019 Integrated Annual Report

  • 2019 Integrated Report

    Telefónica's mission is to make our world more human, by connecting people's lives.

    This means humanising the technology and putting it at the service of people

2018 Integrated Annual Report

  • Letter to shareholders from our Chairman

    "Today we are closer to being the company we want to be than the company we proudly once were"

    “We're building a Telefónica for the next 20 or 30 years”

  • 2018 Integrated Report

    Telefónica is one of the world’s leading communications services providers. Our objective is to create, protect and promote fixed and mobile connections for our customers helping them to take control over their digital lifestyle.

    • In 2018 our customer satisfaction index reached 7.64, the best score of recent years.
    • Telefónica generated 3.4 Euros for each gross margin in the countries we are present.
    • In 2018 we produced 4% less waste and recycled 97% of said elements.
    • Thanks to our services, we avoided more CO2 emissions than we generated: for every ton we issued we saved 1.2 in our customers.


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