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Annual Report 1995

During 1995 the process of transferring the assets and human resources of Telefónica de España to the subsidiary Telefónica Móviles was concluded, along with the transfer of the license for the provision of the Automatic Mobile Telephony service, both in analog and GSM mode. As a result, the mobile subsidiary is now responsible for the integrated management of these businesses, which operate in a competitive marketplace following the introduction last October of a second GSM operator into the market.

Another of the most salíent features of Telefónica de España’s corporate activity during 1995 was the formal integration into the Unisource alliance, which took place in June through the acquisition of a 25% holding in the company formed for this purpose. The other members of the alliance are the Swedish operator Telia, the Dutch operator PTT Telecom and the Swiss operator Swiss PTT.

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