Regulation and Institutional Affairs Committee


Notwithstanding other duties it may be assigned by the Board of Directors, the Regulation and Institutional Affairs Committee shall have at least the following functions:

  1. To carry out, through study, analysis and discussion, permanent monitoring of the main matters and themes of the regulatory order that affect the Telefónica Group at all times.
  2. To provide a channel for communication and information between the Management Team and the Board of Directors in statutory matters and, when appropriate, to bring to the knowledge of the latter matters that are considered important or relevant to the Company, or to any of the companies in the Group and on which it may be necessary or convenient to adopt a decision or to establish a specific strategy.
  3. To review, report and propose to the Board of Directors the principles that must guide the Group’s Sponsorship and Patronage policy, monitor such policy and individually approve all sponsorships or patronages that exceed the limit set by the Board, and that have to be approved by the Board.

Composition of the Regulation and Institutional Affairs Committee

The composition of the Regulation and Institutional Affairs Committe is as follows:

Mr. Ignacio Moreno Martínez


Appointment: July 26, 2017

Ms. María Luisa García Blanco


Appointment: May 30, 2018

Mr. Jordi Gual Solé


Appointment: January 31, 2018

Mr. Francisco Javier de Paz Mancho


Appointment: April 27, 2016