Executive Commission


The Company´s Corporate Bylaws as well as the Regulation of its Board of Directors establish the existence of an Executive Commission, with general decision-making ability and, consequently, with express delegation of all powers corresponding to the Board of Directors except for those that cannot be delegated by law, bylaws or regulations.


The Board of Directors, as well as subject to the legal provisions in force, has delegated its powers and attributes, except those that may not be delegated by law, bylaws or regulations, upon a Executive Commission. That Commission provides the Board of Directors greater operativity and efficiency in performing its duties, providing it the necessary support through the work it carries out, especially to the extent that its composition is smaller than that of the Board and it meets more frequently than it.

The relations between both bodies are based on a principle of transparency, so the Board always has full knowledge of the decisions adopted by this Commission. Thus, the Board of Directors is informed at each of its meetings of all the resolutions passed by the Executive Commission, to which end a summary of the Minutes of the meetings of that Commission are distributed to all the Directors, also proceeding to ratify those resolutions.

Composition of the Executive Commission

Mr. José María Álvarez-Pallete López

Chairman & CEO

Mr. Isidro Fainé Casas


Mr. José María Abril Pérez


Mr. José Javier Echenique Landiríbar


Mr. Ángel Vilá Boix

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Mr. Peter Löscher


Mr. Carlos Ocaña Orbis


Mr. Francisco Javier de Paz Mancho


Ms. Claudia Sender Ramírez


Mr. Pablo de Carvajal González


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