Little big green ideas

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JM Boluder

María Elena Cruz Martín

Data Scientist en Telefónica
y Managing Director de Girls in Tech España.

Holly is eight years old and, a few days ago, went along with her father to the H(Activate) of The Guardian. There, she saw how tens of youngsters created applications to improve the world and became interested in a contest, the Green ICT Application Challenge, which searched for the most original creations to increase energy efficiency, protect the planet and tackle climate change.

Holly only needed paper and a pencil to show the attendants two ideas to create application games that she would enjoy, protecting the planet while playing.

In the first game, the girl takes you to the rain forest. There, you have to find the highest number of animals and save them before times runs out. If you do it sooner, you go to the next level, where there is a bigger jungle with more animals.

In the second game, two rubbish bins or trash cans appear in your screen: a normal one and one for recycling. Next to them, there is a bunch of rubbish: slices of pizza, plastic bags, empty cans… The challenge is to put each item in the right bin. You can set a time to do it or not.

If you haven’t thought of an application to send to the Green ICT App Challenge, take inspiration from this creative young girl. You don’t have much time! You have 11 days to present it because the contest ends on the 15th of July.

Thank you Holly! For us you are a super-green-champion! We can play to protect the planet anytime you want.


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