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Connectivity means “in various specialties, the ability to connect or make connections”, according to the RAE.

In the field of telecommunications, this capability takes the form of the ability to connect and communicate between devices and/or systems with others in order to exchange information and establish a direct connection using digital information.

For these information exchanges to be as effective as possible, connectivity is more important than ever.

5G: ultra-fast connectivity

5G technology enables ultra-fast connectivity due to the high speed of information transmission, to which low latency must be added.

An absence of delay that is very important for issues such as teleworking, video games or videoconferencing, but which can be absolutely critical for security related to connected cars, remote surgeries or industrial processes.

The future of the Internet of Things (IoT), a technology that will allow millions and millions of devices to be connected to each other, is based on this hyperconnectivity.

This will have an impact on many aspects of society, such as the domestic, industrial and business sectors, although it will also have a positive effect on our daily lives, for example, through the advantages offered by smart cities.

The importance of connectivity for digital transformation

Digital transformation is changing all areas of companies thanks to the integration of digital technology in them.

Although this is not a new process, it is true that with the digital revolution we are facing, it has accelerated in recent years.

For this process, which should not be confused with digitization, connectivity is of great importance as it allows data to be collected and analyzed in real time, which helps to make decisions more efficiently due to the availability of more information on which to base decisions.

Connectivity: a driver of digital inclusion

Telefónica, in its aim to “make our world more human by connecting people’s lives”, is committed to providing both the best connectivity and the latest technology.

The deployment of connectivity must serve to ensure access to telecommunications networks in all regions, regardless of whether they are rural or urban, as a relevant element for digital inclusion.

The deployment of better and more efficient connectivity involves improving both mobile broadband and fiber optic coverage, while also improving the capacity of existing networks.

Connectivity: driving economic growth and sustainable development

Thanks to technological advances, improvements in connectivity make innovations available to society that serve to increase people’s quality of life standards.

This social welfare thanks to connectivity can be seen in different issues such as advances in the digital transformation of the healthcare, education and labor sectors or the advantages provided by smart buildings or cities.

In extreme cases, it can even help to mitigate damage and even save lives in the event of natural disasters thanks to early warning systems that alert the population in time to act accordingly.

On the other hand, connectivity also makes a contribution to the economy. Specifically, and according to GSMA data, the added value of the European mobile industry was 4.3% of GDP in 2022, some 910,000 million euros, supporting the creation of 1.3 million jobs directly and 900,000 indirectly.


The development of connectivity has a positive impact on society, both from a business and personal perspective, and helps in different ways to increase the well-being of citizens.

Improvements in technology are therefore essential to ensure that the benefits related to the possibilities offered by connectivity reach a larger number of people.  


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